coffee at dolcezza in georgetown

Most of us have a very intimate relationship with coffee. Coffee helps us wake up. It tastes delicious. It helps us focus. Some people are addicted to it and drink 4+ cups a day. Some have one sacred cup in the morning and that’s it. For many, making coffee at home or stopping by a favorite coffee shop is a part of a morning routine.

I’m curious — what’s your relationship with coffee? How much do you drink everyday? Do you make it at home or get it at a coffee shop every morning? What kind of coffee do you drink? What are your favorite coffee shops and/or coffee brands?

coffee at dolcezza in georgetown

Personally, I love the taste and smell of coffee. I drink one cup first thing in the morning at home. My husband usually gets up before me and makes a pot. We drink Starbucks coffee at home, and there’s a reason for that. One, is that it took me a while to convince my Mr. that cheap coffee isn’t worth it. So I got him up to Starbucks level. I like a lot of different brands of coffee, but I also like the ease of Starbucks — it’s everywhere!

coffee at dolcezza in georgetown

Also, when I worked at the HQ of Hallmark Cards for five years, we had a Starbucks inside the building and the coffee was discounted. So I could get a venti coffee for a dollar. At the time, my husband didn’t drink coffee, so it made more sense for me to get coffee at work rather than make it at home (this was before the trend of single cup coffee makers). I liked my morning routine of getting a venti cup at work and then sitting down at my desk to enjoy it for the first hour of work. So basically I got very used to Starbucks for the five years I worked at Hallmark. But I would never drink coffee on the weekends, only during the week. Our coffee maker was literally in our storage room for five years.

So on the daily, I drink one cup of Starbucks in the morning with a good pour of cream (not milk, always half-n-half) and a touch of French Vanilla creamer.

coffee at dolcezza in georgetown

I love getting coffee at a coffee shop as well, but don’t do it on a regular basis since I already have it at home in the morning. It’s an easy way to save money for me. I don’t limit myself if I want it, but I just rarely ever want it after my morning cup. I also don’t drink much caffeine after 2 pm otherwise I have a hard time falling asleep. I’ll drink green tea, but not coffee.

coffee at dolcezza in georgetown

When I get coffee at a coffee shop I usually go for a latte. I like them with 2% or whole milk (no skim!) and sometimes I’ll get one pump of something like hazelnut, gingerbread, or pumpkin if it’s in season. I don’t like my coffee sweet, I like it creamy with just a hint of flavor.

coffee at dolcezza in georgetown

These photos are taken in at Dolcezza in Georgetown. Dolcezza has a few locations in DC and I love their coffee. In the summer I love their iced lattes — for some reason they taste better than any other iced latte I’ve ever had. I also love dunking a piece of chocolate hazelnut biscotti in my coffee. Yummmmm.

Please tell me what your relationship is with coffee in the comments!

coffee at dolcezza in georgetown


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Photos by Laura Metzler