RIP MacBook Pro + Patio Updates

RIP Macbook Pro

I know I’ve been a little light on the posts over here and on Instagram the past few weeks. Things just got a little crazy and I decided not to kill myself working to the bone. I mean, I’m still doing that, but I also think sleep is important. Sometimes you just can’t do everything.

I have had a bunch of meetings, photo shoots, and new projects going on and was doing what I could to keep up — and then my MacBook Pro died. Luckily I keep almost everything on a cloud (so I didn’t lose anything) and I also have an iMac. But not having my laptop for a week made me realize how much I like to move around and work. I don’t mind being at my desk, but if I’m wanting to work late, I like to be on my couch or in bed. Basically I just like to change it up and at least have the option of moving around.

I got a new laptop after a week or so and I’m in love with it. My previous MacBook Pro was SO HEAVY. It was from 2011 and I knew it was going to die at some point, but it was VERY good to me so I have no hard feelings. My new MacBook Pro, oh it’s a beaut. I ended up going with the 2.8 GHz (15-inch) MacBook Pro which means you have to get the Touch Bar. Because I use design programs daily and I’m constantly uploading, editing, sizing, etc., large photo and video files, I needed a powerful machine, which is why I went with the Pro. A lot of you on my Instagram said DO NOT GET THE AIR. I took your message to heart, the LAST thing I need is the spinning wheel of death in my life (what I call the rainbow circle that spins when your computer is thinking).

First of all, I’m SO GLAD I got the 15-inch size. I can’t imagine using a smaller screen. I know some people don’t like the Touch Bar, but I love it already. Mainly, it is SO LIGHT AND THIN compared to my last one. My old laptop was such a burden to travel with, and even though the screen is the same size, my new one is so much smaller and lighter. I mean my last one was 7+ years old so there was a lot of room for improvement.

Did you know if you are a business you can get a discount at Apple (you just have to sign up for a business account with them)? Was news to me too so make sure you ask if you are buying anything new for work!

On top of my desktop-only computer situation for a little while not being conducive to my typical constant working, my husband and I have been spending all of our free time getting our yard ready for spring!

My husband is super handy. He can fix things, build things, and loves a challenge. We bought our house last June, and while it was move-in ready, it wasn’t really our style. We immediately painted all the walls and removed the window coverings, but everything else was a bit bigger of a project. Over Thanksgiving my husband extended our patio so that now what was our small backyard is now a large patio.

We didn’t use our backyard/patio at all last summer, so we are thrilled to start using it and basically double our living space. Our furniture (a collab I’m doing with one of my fave home stores, CB2) is arriving soon, so we’re getting all of the landscaping ready. We put two coats of paint on our fence which was a very long process. It took us around 22 hours over three days for both of us to do together. However, we had it quoted at $1,900 so we were willing to put in the time on the fence and save money there since we are paying professional painters to paint our house. We currently have red brick (the DC area is ALL red brick) and are having it painted white.

So the past two weekends I’ve been busy from the crack of dawn through the evenings doing home projects and wow do those wipe me out. I’m excited to show you the before & after photos and will describe in detail what we did when it’s done.

We like to spend a lot of time outdoors so our outdoor space is really important to us. And since I’m still without an office/art studio — I’m working from home all day everyday and it. is. killing. me. I don’t mind it a few times a week, but everyday for months makes me go a little crazy.

You can see updates about the patio as we go on my Instagram Stories, and I also have a highlight reel (those circles above the Instagram posts in my profile on Instagram) of the process so you can see anything you might have missed.

So much good stuff coming up soon, stay tuned!


Photo by Emma Weiss