Running // 8 Miles

half marathon training

I have no idea how and why but yesterday I ran 8 miles like I’d been running for years. It felt amazing. Which is a shocker considering last week when I ran 6 miles it didn’t feel so good. Let me remind you that I haven’t ran on a regular basis since I was in middle school. Since mid-college I would run for a few weeks here and there around 1-2 miles a few times a week before a trip or when I was attempting to exercise, but running didn’t give me motivation — which is why I started doing yoga and CrossFit. Now that I have the motivation due to the Nike Women Half Marathon I’m running in April, I have to run.

Last week’s 6-mile run I ran at a 9’16” pace. I just felt off the entire time and wasn’t enjoying it but for me, that was a good pace. The trail was boring, etc. This weekend, the weather was perfect, and I somehow didn’t psych myself up for the run. I had good runs all week, so that was encouraging. Having my husband with me on the weekends is always motivating and he helps push and pace me. With a few stoplight stops and dodging the masses of tourists looking up at all the monuments we ran 8 miles at an 8’57” pace. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. I felt great the entire time and felt like I could have kept going. The entire run just felt good. I was shocked and happy at the same time.

I don’t know if my body has just finally gotten used to running, or I ate the right things, or what but I’m finally starting to “get it” and I hope that the majority of my runs feel that way. It’s so encouraging. We also changed up where we ran this weekend, we went down to all the monuments so there was an abundance of interesting things to look at and keep my mind occupied.

Again, I JUST started seriously running 5 weeks ago, so if you have ever considered running, you should give it a shot. Sign up for a run, give yourself plenty of time to train, but don’t slack and just see where it takes you! I’ve continued to do yoga twice a week and I always give my body a good stretch after each run. One thing I’m still getting the hang of is that I am always hungry! So I’m having to figure out more types of food to eat (I’m super picky) and just get used to eating more often.

Do you workout a lot? What do you eat? I need good (healthy/somewhat healthy) snack ideas!

P.S. In this pic I am wearing the Nike Sphere Dry Half-Zip, Nike Dry-FIT Tank, Nike LunarGlide+4 Shoes, Nike Tech Running Tights, and Nike Sport Watch GPS.

*Nike is sponsoring me to run the DC Women’s Half Marathon. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.