My Secret Agenda in the Bahamas

corona at nippers on the beach

A month ago I went on a week-long vacation to Guana Cay, in the Bahamas with my husband and another couple. The trip was everything you’d want out of a beach vacation; perfect weather, clear turquoise water and white sand, fruity drinks, basically a private beach — it seriously was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything else.

However, I had a secret agenda on my mind. No mom, it was not to try to get pregnant. I was hoping to come back from the week with clarity about my work life. I wanted the getaway to give me time to think about what I wanted to do, get fresh ideas, and come back with a genius plan of how to move on at this stage in my business. I mean I always have ideas brewing and I’m always thinking of how my business, blog, work, art, will evolve, but I was hoping for a big breakthrough and coming back with something groundbreaking, or revolutionary, or even a sense of peace about everything (peace as an entrepreneur is hard to come by).

I did come back fully rested, with a great tan, and probably a few extra laugh lines from all the fun we had, but I realized that I put way too much pressure on myself for this secret agenda. I’m the type of entrepreneur/business person that has a hard time turning it off. I see every moment is an opportunity. Even while I was there I was dreaming up how I could help people in the Bahamas with their online marketing. So to just relax for a week and have fun — whoa.

I realize that may have been exactly what I needed. Not to think about my work. Not to worry about it. I mean I was of course thinking about taking a ton of photos while I was there, but really I was just having fun with my husband and friends, strategizing how I could win at hearts, making sure I applied enough sunscreen to leave uber tan but not get a sunburn, and trying to think of creative ways to fix tuna for the third night in a row (we caught 8 tuna the first day we were there on a deep sea fishing trip!).

Moral of the post is, let your vacations be vacations. Don’t put pressure on yourself to come back home with anything besides new experiences and memories (and maybe in the process of that your big idea or breakthrough will hit you unintentionally!).

Work trips are a different story…


Photo by Meg Biram. Having a Corona moment at Nippers on Guana Cay.