Seeing Stars

Black Start Dress & Clare V Bag

Do you ever feel drawn to certain patterns? Lately I’m having a thing with stars and the cosmos and moons. It’s just a visual thing, I’m not into it on a deeper level (right now) but aesthetically I can’t get enough.

I’m typically drawn to more abstracted patterns, but will sometimes go for a stripe, plaid, or floral.

I remember when I was in middle school the sun & moon trend was HUGE. It was this type of vibe. Do you guys remember that!?! My personal taste in sun/moon/star patterns has changed since middle school but I always love seeing how trends go in and out and change.

Black Star Print Dress



Star Print Wrap Dress (only $67!) / Clare V. Desert Stripe Midi Sac / Warby Parker Hadley Sunglasses / Joie Heels (similar gold heels) / India Hicks Legacy Belt & Initial Buckle (gifted) / Gold Studs

Black Star Dress

Black Star Print Dress & Clare V bag

Black Outfit

India Hicks Initial Belt

Black Start Dress & Clare V Bag

Clare V Bag

Photos by Emma Weiss