The Seinfeld Puffy Shirt

Meg Biram - Black & White Top

This is a fashion lesson about always trying something on. Don’t trust just seeing it on the hanger! And yes, it relates to the Seinfeld Puffy Shirt!

Meg Biram in Black and White Top with Sleeves

I was hosting an event at LOFT a few weeks ago, and when I arrived, I saw this shirt out of the corner of my eye and was immediately drawn to it.

Detail of black and white pattern shirt.

I had arrived wearing LOFT of course, but when I saw this shirt I was like, ummmm I’m gonna need to wear that.

Black and white outfit.

I tried it on, and it was exactly what I thought it would be. Amazing. It was a done deal — I was wearing this shirt for the event!

Black and White Top - Meg Biram

Once the LOFT gals saw it on me they were smiling and said, when that came in, we thought it was kinda funny and called it the Seinfeld Puffy Shirt!

Meg Biram in Black outfit with Chanel bag

Clearly, they weren’t convinced about its greatness yet. Once I put it on they were like yesssss, that IS a great top!

Meg Biram in black and white top.

I was drawn to it for several reasons. First, the color — obviously black & white is my jam. Second, I love the pattern, which is also a texture. Third, it’s long, which I like, and longer in the back — awesome. Fourth, I like the voluminous sleeve trend, but hadn’t found any that I liked on me, until this shirt. I always feel like I never have enough interesting shirts so I’m always on the hunt for them.

Meg Biram in black outfit with Chanel bag.

I wish I could call this chic Chanel bag mine, but it’s not. My friend Sarah was shooting at the same time as me and I forgot a bag, so she kindly let me borrow hers. This is probably one of the only Chanel bags that I truly love. I’m still waiting to make my big bag purchase. Maybe if I sell a bunch of paintings this fall I’ll bite the bullet on a bag…have so many in the works!

Meg Biram in black and white shirt.

I’ve already worn this look a few times since I got the shirt and have received tons of compliments on it! Don’t be afraid of a puffy shirt!



Black outfit with Chanel bag

Photos by Emma Weiss