September Book Review

The Girl With Seven Names

This year I haven’t done a good job of reading. I’ve been listening to podcasts, working a lot, and just had a lot of other things on my plate/mind. Reading took a back seat for a while unfortunately, but I’ve finally ramped back up again. In the fall and winter I just feel cozy and want to read. I also am trying to down the Instagram screen time at night and up the reading time.

Of course I’m half way through 7 or so books right now because I’m always reading tons of books at the same time, but I did finish a few in September:

small fry by lisa brennan-jobs

Small Fry, by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

I had always heard Steve Jobs was a little different, but this is a peek into his life from his oldest daughter’s perspective. Steve got his girlfriend pregnant in his early 20s and then claimed Lisa wasn’t his. He came around and started spending time with her, and she eventually lived with him, but her story is really interesting. Seems like (from articles I’ve read) that the rest of the family (wife and three other kids, her half siblings) aren’t too happy with her account but that’s her perspective from her experience.

It seems like Steve was just kind of an awkward guy who didn’t really know how to raise a daughter. Usually people as smart and prolific as Steve Jobs have weird quirks. No one is perfect. I thought the book was fascinating. I’m sure it was hard for Lisa to tell her story as it seems pretty painful at times. It definitely makes me appreciate my parents even more.

the girl with seven names

The Girl With Seven Names: Escape from North Korea, by Hyeonseo Lee

This was my most recent book club book. We had mixed feelings about it. I thought the story was fascinating. It’s a lot of the things you hear about North Korea but you aren’t sure if they are true or not, and this book clears that right up. I couldn’t imagine living like people in North Korea live — in constant fear.

I think if you are interested at all in North Korea and enjoy unbelievable stories, you’ll like this. Some of the gals in my book club thought the part about North Korea was interesting but didn’t think the rest of it was as interesting. The book kept me interested throughout and I recommend it.

your art will save your life

Your Art Will Save Your Life, by Beth Pickens

I actually didn’t finish this book. I didn’t realize what it was about (apparently) when I bought it but it’s super political and completely turned me off almost immediately. I skimmed about a fourth of the book and just couldn’t read anymore. So definitely read the descriptions online before you buy it. It may or may not be for you. Wasn’t for me.