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Book Club - A House In The Sky

I’ve wanted to join a book club for a long time, but the opportunity has never presented itself so naturally I decided to start my own. While talking to few friends we all decided that we wanted our book club to be serious. We wanted to actually discuss the books we choose to read. Not just have a reason to get together to drink wine (although of course that will also be happening). So I’ve dubbed our book club the Serious Book Club.

The first book we are reading is a memoir called A House In The Sky. The author, Amanda Lindhout, (and co-author Sara Corbett) wrote about Lindhout’s 15-month imprisionment in Somalia. I remember seeing Amanda on Dateline or a similar show talking about her experience and that’s when I knew I wanted to read this book. The story was optioned for a movie. I’m not sure where it’s at in the process, but I like to read the books before the movie comes out, and preferrably a long time before the movie comes out. I like to forget the plot a little so that the movie is more entertaining.

This month is a bit of a tight turnaround — we will be having our meeting on November 30th — so order the book now and get to reading! I have a feeling it will be a page-turner especially if you haven’t heard the premise at all. I’ll be writing the discussion post after our meeting of course so you might have a few extra days to finish the book.

I’m curious, have any of you read it? Don’t tell me too much until the discussion post! And if you want to throw any books in the hat for next month’s book, please make suggestions in the comments. Tell me what you are reading, have read, want to read, etc!

A House In The Sky

Hemingway can not resist a photo shoot. Also he loves this furry rug so anytime I put it on the floor he has to get on it.

A House In The Sky Book

I mean I can’t even deal with that face.


Photos by Meg Biram