Short Trends & Long Trends

short trends

Trends in general have changed.

There are still bigger, longer trends. Trends that stay popular for several years, a decade even. Trends that take a few years to trickle from big cities into smaller towns. These trends I don’t have issue with.

Examples of these — what I consider long trends — are mules, houndstooth blazers, front partial-tuck, Gucci. These trends have stuck around for a while. You could buy a piece of these trends and wear it for several years.

The trends that have started to bother me are what I’m calling short trends. Also, honestly, I think a lot of them stupid and/or ugly. But that’s just my personal opinion.

After mulling over this for a while, I think it has a lot to do with how quickly we can wear the trends we see on the runways and in magazines. How quickly social media and the Internet spread the trends. But I also think these short trends are very editorial. It seems like they are mostly meant for creativity, editorial photo shoots, and the avant garde fashionistas. Most of the photo shoots that magazines do, they take the trend to the next level for the purpose of the shoot, and then it’s interpreted or pared down for the normal consumer. They don’t expect their readers to wear the exact outfits with layers and layers of crazy items as an actual outfit. They show the designer piece and then typically feature a more affordable version of the trend on their shopping pages. The photos are art, it’s a photo shoot, it’s an inspiration image, it’s the maximum of the trend.

Nowadays it seems like these short trends have become very blogger/influencer. They are a group of trends that only celebrities, fashion industry people, and bloggers/influencers wear for a short time. And maybe a few college students with an interest in fashion. But these short trends aren’t typically for the masses.

It’s almost like fast fashion in totally different way. Instead of H&M fast fashion, it’s fast fashion as in buying some ridiculous, expensive, high fashion item that’s a crazy trend (or buying a cheap version of it), it’s cool to only people in the fashion industry for like 2 months and then it’s ridiculous again.

For example, who in the real world wears the dad sneakers and biker shorts trend? Anyone?!? Does any real person who doesn’t consider themselves an influencer/blogger or celebrity or work in the fashion industry actually wear biker shorts or dad sneakers out in public? No. Just no. I mean dads and bikers, yes. And maybe a few really cool fashion-y gals, but normal people, no. It’s just very strange to watch the young models like Kendall and Gigi wear something that’s out there, then thousands of bloggers wear it right afterward on Instagram for maybe a month and then it goes away.

And usually the short trend is just a weird spinoff of a larger trend. For example sneakers have been a trend for a while, so I see the dad sneakers as a short trend of the larger sneaker trend.

Can Eva Chen wear dad sneakers and get away with it. Yes! She’s in the industry and her personal style is quirky! Can I? No. Nor do I want to. I think they are ugly AF. But I don’t care if Eva wears them, or if someone seriously loves them, go for it. And the biker shorts. I mean if you actually have a pair for biking (I do and I wear them — WHEN I BIKE), or if you wear them to work out or for some sort of function — fine. But as a fashion trend, ugh.

I think I personally just dislike this whole quick circle that the social media/influencer world has created of basically a new trend each week. It’s just a lot. It adds to materialism, it confuses normal non-fashion industry people, it’s just nuts. It’s just how things are, and I’m not against change and innovation, but I just don’t want people (and bloggers) to feel pressure to recreate or wear all of these trends all of the time. You don’t have to! Just wear the ones you actually like! 

The tiny glasses trend, also hilarious. I think it does look good on some people. It’s very editorial but I mean those glasses are NOT functional. They don’t block the sun. They are an accessory.

Trends in general used to last so much longer. Now trends are a blip. One season. Trends have to happen, it’s the nature of life, of creativity, of fashion. That’s totally fine. But these ridiculous short trends, are just that — ridiculous.

I wish people who just blindly follow whatever new short trend that’s out there would just do something more innovative. Think a little harder about their clothing. Try to come up with something on their own. Instead of copy copy copy, add your own flair. A lot of fashion Instagrammers look the same because they’re all doing the exact same thing all the time. Now, I’m not dissing them — it is really hard work and I know that and respect the work that goes into it. I’m more challenging them to be more creative and original.

This post isn’t about any one person specifically. I wouldn’t do that. It’s just a larger trend I’ve seen about trends that drives me nuts. If you want to be a fashion influencer, you’ve got a lot of competition out there, so do something DIFFERENT to stand out! Something unique to YOU!

Here’s the thing — I love all types of creativity. Even if I don’t personally like the style, that doesn’t matter. BE creative, do your thing! I support being creative, and trying new things, etc. — if that’s what you are into. But doing it just to do it, just because it’s a trend, just for likes, or because you feel pressure to — that’s what I don’t like. It’s more like I’m challenging people to think harder, do their own thing, branch out, don’t just blindly follow trends.

Now, if there’s a short trend that you absolutely love every once in a while, I say go for it. If you are someone who loves fashion and truly loves to experiment with new things, obviously do it. It’s your thing, you are probably known for that and that’s cool. I just challenge you to think a little more outside the box. Instead of blindly following trends, come up with your own. Mix new and old. Do something different with the trend.

Personally I only buy a trend piece if I actually really love it. For example, I think the fanny pack trend is cool. I only like some of them, but they are functional as hell! Other people might find them ugly. You do you.

If I like a trend and buy it, sometimes I only want to wear it for a season, then I’ll sell the item, sometimes it sticks with me for years. If I like something, even if it’s not on trend anymore, I will just keep wearing it until I don’t like it anymore. I don’t care if it’s trending. I wear what I like when I want to wear it.

Have any of you noticed this about these fast-fashion trends? What are some short and long trends that you love/hate?