Silk Floral Robe

The type you wear in public.

Silk Floral Robe // Pink Suede St. John Clutch

Sometimes when I see an item, I just immediately know — I need this, I will wear it all the time, it will be a staple in my wardrobe, I will love it, I might wear it too much but I don’t care.

That is how I felt about this silk floral robe. Not the kind you wear at home, the kind you actually wear out in public.

Silk Floral Robe // Pink Suede Clutch

Pajama-inspired looks have been trending for a few years, and I’m all about comfort, but if you are going to wear pajama-looking clothing in public — it better look really nice. You don’t want to look like you are actually wearing pajamas.

Silk Floral Robe by Equipment France

I immediately fell in love with the floral print and I love any sort of jacket, robe, kimono, duster situation. I’ve only had it for a month and I’ve already worn it to two events, and I know it will get good use this season and many to come.

Floral Equipment Robe // Pink Suede St. John Clutch

When I see an item, and I continue to think about it for days, even weeks later, that’s when I know it’s something worth the purchase. I look at SO MANY items online, for anything to stick out in my mind days or weeks later means there’s something special about it.

Floral Equipment Robe // St. John Clutch

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Meg Biram in Equipment Robe and Black Jeans

Equipment also makes another colorway of this print and a few more items in the pink floral — I’m definitely going to have to get the tank!


Pink St. John Suede Clutch // Floral Equipment Robe

Pink St. John Suede Clutch

Photos by Emma Weiss