Does a Silk Pillowcase Make a Difference?

Meg Biram with Silk Pillowcase

It seems like silk pillowcases popped up on the market within the past two years. Prior to that, I just thought of silk sheets as something that only a certain type of people use. A tad judgmental on my part, but since silk is so smooth and comfortable it seems like it would be the perfect choice for bed linens. I just never considered it until recently.

I haven’t gone as far as silk sheets — I’m very happy with my luxe Brooklinen sheets (I have three sets!) — but Slip sent me one of their pure silk pillowcases to try out, so I wanted to report back with my findings after a few months of use.

There are lots of claims about silk pillowcases, some of which are:

+ Silk is more gentle on your hair than cotton. Less breakage while you are sleeping, and will keep your blowout fresh much longer.

+ Silk is better for your skin. You won’t wake up with crease lines. Cotton “scratches and tugs” on the skin, which causes wrinkles over time.

+ Cotton takes moisture out of your hair and face, silk doesn’t.

+ Silk is better for allergies, it is naturally dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

While there isn’t any hard scientific evidence to support most of these claims, there are enough articles out there if you do some research to see that most people who try a silk pillowcase do like the differences they see.

White and Gray Bed and Sheets

What I thought of the Slip Silk Pillowcase:

I had considered buying a silk pillowcase for a while, so I was excited to try Slip. The Slip silk pillowcase is 100% pure mulberry silk (if you are in the market, make sure to check for quality before you buy!). The Slip pillowcase is luxe and thick to the touch.

I would say the my biggest problem that this pillowcase claimed to solve was sleep lines on my face in the mornings. I always wake up with them and they are pretty dramatic and take several hours to go away (not a good thing for morning photo shoots). I can say that the silk pillowcase definitely solved this problem. Now, I rarely wake up with sleep lines on my face and they are much smaller and less dramatic than they were before. It only makes sense that this would have an effect on wrinkles in the long term, but I don’t know for sure. But the crease lines claim is absolutely true! Also, silk is so much softer on my skin than cotton pillowcases, so I can see how it would “scratch and tug” less on my skin.

As far as my skin looking any better, I’m constantly testing so many beauty products so it’s hard to know if the pillowcase has had a significant effect or not. Being so soft I can say it definitely feels better on my skin than cotton, but I don’t know if my skin is better because of it.

As far as retaining moisture in my skin and hair goes, it does seem to make sense. I do feel like I wake up and my skin is more moisturized than previously, but again, that could be due to multiple things.

My hair, as you might know, has been somewhat of a hot mess in the past few years. I’ve rarely been able to sleep on my hair and wear it down the next day — my hair is just too thin. Usually I wake up with crazy hair, but the silk pillowcase has definitely helped tame it. I don’t have the same results as ladies with long or thick hair goes (many claim a silk pillowcase made a dramatic difference in extending blowouts), but my hair is less crazy in the mornings.

With the allergy claim, I’m sure that has been tested as far as the claims that it’s dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic (but I don’t know for sure), I actually have a severe dust mite allergy so anything that helps with that, I’m on board. I have noticed that my allergies have gone down in the past year, but again, could be so many different reasons.

White and Gray Striped Sheets

Overall thoughts:

Having the sleep lines on my face upon waking almost completely disappear was enough for me to be a silk pillowcase convert. Having my hair not be as crazy in the mornings is a bonus.

The fact that a silk pillowcase is probably better for preventing wrinkles, keeping my skin moisturized, and better for my hair is awesome. I also just think that silk is more comfortable on my face than other pillowcases I’ve tried. Now I need more of them!

If you are thinking of getting a silk pillowcase, I highly recommend the Slip silk pillowcase (mine is the silver one exclusive to Net-A-Porter), and make sure to read the care instructions.


Pictured: Slip Silk Pillowcase; Brooklinen Sheets and Duvet; Black Crop Top; Ludlow Nightstand; Gray Platform Bed; Brass Pharmacy Desk Lamp


Photos by Emma Weiss