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sprinkle strawberries

I have a confession…my husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I honestly don’t think we ever have, as I can’t remember the last time we did. For me, it’s just not something I need or care about. If I want chocolates or flowers, I’ll get them myself, because let’s be real — I’m picky about everything.

But don’t get all down on my husband, he loves to surprise me at random and is very good at it. Which in my mind, is much better than doing something generic and expected on an expected date.

Because we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, actually doing something on that day is unexpected. So when Hive wanted to partner together on a project for Valentine’s Day, I knew just the thing I wanted to do. Surprise my husband with some special treats on Valentine’s Day with a funny twist.

My husband and I love to do funny little things. Okay, he loves to scare me, but we like to joke around and surprise each other randomly. Especially when the other person is least expecting it. So since I know he would never expect me to do something for him for Valentine’s Day, it was the perfect time to do it!

Here’s the thing, if you want to do something for someone else, it doesn’t have to be big. People dig themselves into a hole feeling like the have to do big extravagant gestures and gifts, but that’s not what’s important. It’s the thought and time and experience that counts.

So my sweet treat idea with a twist all had to do with unexpected color. Hive had sent me some of their Hive Active Light Color-Changing smart bulbs, and I thought it would be fun to use them to surprise my husband (he didn’t even know I had them!).

outside pink light

Since it currently gets dark early, it’s always dark before he gets home and I always try to have the exterior light on for him (and the mailman) in the evening. I put the Hive Active Light in the outdoor sconce and in the Hive app I changed the color to pink. He’d see it from down the street and be like, what in the world!?

In the app you can choose up to 16 million colors for the bulb — and you can make them bright or dim. I also like that smart bulbs have a range of whites as well so you can choose a super bright white light or a warmer white, whatever you prefer in your home. And you don’t have to change the actual bulb out when you want to go from color to white — it’s all the same bulb.

pink light - black lamp

Not only did I put one of the Hive Active Lights on the outside of our home, but I also put one inside too. I timed the light to go on when he opened the door since we have a Hive Door Sensor on the door. You can set all of this up in the Hive app.

So he opens the door, already surprised by the outside light, then the sensor tips off the inside light and boom — it’s pink inside too. Now he really knows something is going on.

FYI, you can get $40 off the Hive Starter Pack with the code HIVEVALENTINE — so if you want to try some Hive smart products yourself you can get a nice little discount on their most basic pack.

pb cookies pink sprinkles

The lights could have been it, but I wanted to use them as a funny way to tip him off that something else might be in the works. The next surprise is nothing crazy, but I made some of his favorite cookies and chocolate covered strawberries, and added Valentine sprinkles to them.

chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles

Since it’s just the two of us I NEVER make these cookies because we will just sit there and eat them all in a few short days. So it was special and unexpected for me to make them, and chocolate covered strawberries (which we had at our wedding reception), with sprinkles for added fun.

white chocolate sprinkle strawberries

We sat in the pink light and enjoyed our favorite cookies and chocolate covered strawberries together.

inside of cookie

My cookie recipe is super easy, you probably made them with your parents as a kid, but you just take your favorite peanut butter (or nut butter that isn’t runny). Put your desired amount between two butter crackers (Ritz or similar), then you dunk it in your favorite type of melting chocolate (white, milk, or dark). I usually use a fork to flip it around and get it completely covered in chocolate. Place on wax paper that is on a cookie sheet, and once the cookie sheet is full, or you are out of your peanut butter cracker sandwiches, put them in the fridge. In about 20 minutes they will be ready to eat! You’ll be able to tell when the chocolate has hardened.

valentines day cookies

If you want to add sprinkles like I did, you just sprinkle them on while the chocolate is still wet. They look festive for any occasion and they are so easy to make. I’m warning you now, you will be addicted to these cookies. We prefer milk or dark chocolate but white chocolate is prettier.

sprinkle strawberries - detail

Chocolate covered strawberries are a bit of an addiction for me. I absolutely LOVE them. I love the mixture of fruit and chocolate, so it’s fun to make them festive with seasonal sprinkles.

Tell me your fun and funny things you do for your partner or kids — for holidays or not! I love creative ideas, especially if they are simple!

hive light

One last idea I want to make sure to mention — my husband and I were having fun playing with the different colors of the Hive Active Light Color-Changing bulbs and he said how fun they would be for kids. So not only can you use them for any holiday, but to have them in a child’s room is such a fun idea and you can set them on timers and control them from your phone. The Mr. gets the credit for this idea!

hive app - pink light

Hope this helps spark some and fun easy ideas for things to do for Valentine’s Day — or any holiday!


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