meg biram - perfume - sleep - white bedding - bedroom

Continuing with my unofficial Sleep Series (linen spray, tips for falling asleep, my fab silk pajama set, my bedroom ambiance, my reading nook), another fairly new little sleep ritual I do is dab a bit of perfume oil on before bed. My current favorite right now is Malibu from Nomaterra. It’s a California honeysuckle scent made with all natural jojoba oil and incorporates natural and organic ingredients. Basically it doesn’t have the bad stuff in it and it’s not drying to your skin (important for winter especially!).

I find that the right combination of light scents helps my brain know — it’s time to sleep! Along with the other things I do — drink sleepy tea, read a book, or lately I’ve been playing Candy Crush (don’t judge). I don’t know why but that game puts me right to sleep! I hadn’t started playing it until I heard about it on the news recently and I just downloaded it to my iPad to see what all the buzz was about. I’m not a big game player. I literally had no games on my phone or iPad until this one. I think it’s the mindlessness of it. I can completely forget about everything that I’m always constantly thinking (worrying) about that keeps me awake, and just focus on clearing the jelly! It’s like a trance.

meg biram - perfume - sleep - white bedding - bedroom

Pictured: Maison Du Soir silk pajamas topbottoms; Alexis Russell silver druzy studs; linen duvet and vintage pillow from One Kings Lane; white shams from West Elm (old, similar); Maya Brenner initial necklacedruzy ring by Elaine B Jewelry


Photos by Yvonne Rock