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I’ve been on a sleep/bedroom kick over here (tips for falling asleep, my fab silk pajama set, my bedroom ambiance, my reading nook). I feel like sleep is so important to your health, and since my current life situation (work from home, no kids) allows me to sleep as long as I want, I take advantage of that. Hey, it’s my beauty sleep — I’m getting it while I can! (All the moms hate me right now…)

I actually have a hard time falling asleep, so I’m trying everything I can find to help me trick my brain into relaxing. One thing that I never really knew about until the past few years was linen spray. I’ve started using it and it makes such a difference. Getting into a bed that smells lovely is not only something I’m now obsessed with, but it’s a trigger to help me get into sleep mode. It’s such a simple low cost item that can transform your sleeping experience. My current favorites are Ambre Dunes Invoke Spritzer (in photo) and Illume’s Amber Dunes Room & Linen Spray.

Wearing: slouchy pocket tee thanks to EVERLANE and black coated skinny jeans thanks to CURRENT/ELLIOTT

For details about my bed and what’s on my night stand, read this post.


Photo by Yvonne Rock