Slowly Adding Art

bookshelf and art

I’m known for moving into a new place and having bare walls for months! Ask my husband.

It’s not because I don’t want art on the walls — trust me, I want to fill my walls with art! — but I want the right art. I don’t want to put something up in the meantime that isn’t right. I just want to wait for the perfect piece. Which, yes, is probably a little extreme. So after a few months I’ll hang what I have.

I’m staying true to form and this is only the third item I’ve hung on my walls so far in 2 months. I’ve only hung my own large painting in our living room, and my Rwanda basket wall in our bedroom (photos coming soon!).

Recently my friends over at kate spade new york launched a curated art collection (remember I went to Rwanda with them a few years ago)! This lovely Red Dress painting is a part of their collection, and it fit perfectly next to a bookshelf in my living room. It picks up on the red and black I have on the bookshelf.

Red Dress Painting in Living Room

Red Dress Painting near Bookshelf

Red Dress


Special thanks to kate spade new york for sending me this lovely piece.

Photos by Emma Weiss