My Living Room

Washington D.C., 2012—2016

modern living room //

I’ve shared some photos of my living room at my old apartment before, and on my Instagram here, here, and here, but I took these photos a few months ago and for whatever reason forgot to post them!

We just moved into a new apartment last weekend, and while we kept almost everything in these photos, (had to let go of some other furniture due to less space in our new place) but I still wanted to share! You’ll get to see how it all fits in my new place too once I finish organizing and decorating, albeit a little more snugly.

I say that we kept almost everything because the only thing we got rid of in these photos are the bleached turtle shells. I was soooooo sad to let them go, but after several years they just deteriorated and were shedding white bits constantly and I wasn’t up for the mess any longer. I love how they looked on my black wall.

Right now in our new place the wall our TV is on is white, but I’m probably going to paint it black again. I love the drama of a black wall, and how it makes the TV blend into the wall.

foot stool //

This foot stool is a bit of a joke in our home. My husband thinks it’s silly, but every time someone sits in the chair, they prop their feet up on the stool (usually his friends, which makes the joke even better for me)! Functional and beautiful! I got it from Jayson Home, but they don’t have it anymore. You can find horn-legged foot stool options on eBay.

cow hide rug

This hide rug is in the newer side. Last year I went to the allergist and found out I am severely allergic to dust, so my doctor recommended I get rid of all shaggy rugs (tear!). This Moroccan rug was one of my faves! Luckily I was able to partner with RugsUSA again to replace my beloved shag rug with this gorgeous hide rug. They have a ton of great hide rug options here.


Artemis Accent Chair

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Black Marble Coffee Table

Hide Rug
more options here

Paradise Throw

Python Tray

Bronze Urchin

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost Print
mine is sold out, but you can find others on Etsy

Sectional Sofa
similar sectional here

Cobus Stool

Turkish Kilim Pillow

The Last Tycoon & Flappers and Philosophers


Photos by Meg Biram