DESIGN RESOLUTIONS // 4 Sofa & Pillow Pairings

I absolutely LOVE Gabrielle’s idea for achievable design resolutions. I need to do it myself, but condense it to like 6 weeks! No. 1 on the list — get the perfect coffee table! — Meg

Hi all, happy to be here again for another post! This post is important to me because it’s linked to some extended research I’ve done for my own place.

You see, when the new year started, I came to the conclusion that it made no sense that my apartment was still totally disorganized and unfinished eight months after moving in. I have an interior design blog after all: I should be able to whip my apartment into shape at minimum cost right? Right?

So I made a list of achievable design resolutions. One to complete each month. The January resolution was to find the perfect pillows for my sofa, which is cream, slipcovered and pretty basic. I ended up going on a frantic pillow hunt which gave me the idea for this post. I found 4 types of sofas and tried my best to come up with some fun pillow pairings.

patterned sofa

The Patterned Sofa

Chances are that if you have a crazy sofa like this one, you don’t mind a bit of color. So even though I went solid colors with the pillows (except for a little greek key trim), I picked up one vibrant color in the sofa and backed it up with a neutral. I also mixed the textures with linen and velvet.

Shop this look: Soane Britain Bunny Sofa / Throw & Co Chocolate Smith Pillow / Arianna Belle Magenta Velvet Pillow


The Dark Velvet Sofa

Let’s be honest here, leopard on emerald velvet is a classic! That being said, animal print works well with most dark jewel tones. I also lightened it up with a white linen pillow with a classic black border. Think about it as channeling Tory Burch.

Shop this look: Shine by S.H.O Lola Sofa / Arianna Belle Leopard Velvet Pillow / Arianna Belle Cream Pillow with Black Grosgrain

neutral sofa

The Neutral Sofa 

Some people prefer playing it safe and keeping with neutral tones. I still choose a palette of plum and lilac, but it’s still very soft and neutral. I love an embellished border on a pillow to create a more custom-made look. I also couldn’t resist using a patterned pillow by Kathryn Ireland. They never fail to look sublime.

Shop this look: Hickory Chair Albert Sofa / Lacefield Designs Plum Linen Pillow / Kathryn Ireland Sidone Pillow 

Feminine Sofa

The Feminine Sofa

For the girly girls: this sofa is pink, has great curves and has nailhead trim, of course. I’ve paired this sofa with a deep emerald velvet pillow (it’s the color of the year after all) and a much more feminine pillow in a berry patterned fabric and a cord fringe.

Shop this look: Madeline Stuart Burlingame Sofa / Crate & Barrel Monroe Cypress Pillow / Throw & Co Blake Pillow

Do you have a favorite?