Start Small

photography studio

This is a great lesson for anyone who has a hobby or side gig they want to do, but has a million excuses for why they aren’t doing it. That was me for so long, so I feel you.

It recently came to a head when my husband was talking about why he doesn’t do one of his hobbies. Because it’s expensive and requires a lot of things (tools & space) to get started. I set out to prove him wrong and then spouted out a million several different ways he could do it. One week later, he’s already building himself what he needs to do it!

The thing is, with a lot of hobbies or new businesses you have to start small.

We all want the perfect, large, organized, light-filled studio full of everything we need to do whatever project we could ever dream up. And maybe one day we will all have that. But you have to start somewhere!

Right now I don’t have a large working space to make art. I have my small, second bedroom in my house. No, I can’t do large paintings or messy paintings, the room has to function as my office and has all of my business stuff in it, and not to mention — my closet. But I told myself I wouldn’t use the time without a studio as an excuse to not make art. I told myself I’ll just do small pieces. A lot of people use their kitchen table and don’t even have a whole room to dedicate to their work like I do!

I’m so sick of excuses. From myself. From everyone. About everything.

You say you want to do something, make something, etc. Just fucking do it already.

Get off Instagram, stop watching stupid shows on TV, stop wasting time, and do that thing you say you always want to do. You want to be an artist? Draw one thing a day. Or whatever your medium, just do one small thing a day or a week. It will lead to more. You’ll start to get in the zone and it will propel itself if you just get to work and stick with it. Nope, you can’t do it just once, you have to make that decision to do it all the time!

And don’t go down the research hole. I’m also guilty of this — over-researching. Buying a bunch of books, listening to all the podcasts, etc. before you even start. Nope. Don’t do it. Just start. You don’t need a bunch of fancy stuff to start. You can listen to those podcasts later when you walk your dog, or drive in traffic. NOT when you could be doing your thing.

Have you ever heard people (smart successful people) say that sometimes you need to be a little naive, or even a little crazy? What they mean is, people who don’t take no for an answer, people who don’t let so-called logistical problems stop them, people who just keep on going with their idea even if everything seems to be working against them — those are the people who become successful doing their passion, or just doing it in their free time, as an actual hobby.

Do whatever it takes (short of something illegal) to make it happen. If you watch TV or spend any time on Instagram, then you have time. Don’t have the money? Start with the absolute smallest thing — watch this and then tell me why you can’t do what you say you want to do.

Read this book then tell me you can’t do something because of some dumb excuse you are telling yourself.

I’m going to take my own advice and go paint now! Byeeeee.


Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash