the b bar - ebooks - blogging - online marketing - social media - www.shopthebbar.comMe and Victoria being our normal selves during a photo shoot for The B Bar.

Who doesn’t feel a bit of chaos this week!?! I mean, it’s the beginning of  New York Fashion Week (for the fashion-obsessed/bloggers), it’s the beginning of the school year (if that affects you), fall is on its way so the weather is changing (hello allergies) and switching out your wardrobe is inevitable, football has started (i.e. your boyfriend/husband is now veeerrrrry preoccupied with his fantasy draft) … ya know a lot is going on for everyone.

Over the Labor Day weekend I planned to “get ahead” on a few large projects I’m working on, but then I thought better of it and didn’t. I hung out with my husband. We cleaned out three huge closets in our place and reorganized them, and deep-cleaned our entire place. I spent some time at the pool, I went on an 11-mile bike ride, and I worked a little. Which is good. Breaks are good. Breaks are necessary.

And then my laptop died. I’ll spare you the details of why I’m feeling a little behind this week on top of the holiday but obviously laptop dying = no bueno. Luckily I also have a desktop, which I use just as much as my laptop, and I keep just about everything on Dropbox so that if the unfortunate thing happens where everything on my laptop is unrecoverable, it doesn’t matter too much. There are a few things that are annoying/suck but oh well. Such as life with technology. LUCKILY I bought my laptop at Best Buy, and I bought the Black Tie coverage (I think now it’s called Geek Squad Coverage), and I kid you not, my coverage expires in like a week or two. I’m lucky this happened now in case I wouldn’t have renewed! So no matter what is wrong with the thing, I don’t have to pay a dime and they will fix or replace it (crossing my fingers for a new one since they are 8257 pounds lighter than the 2-year-old Macbook Pro I have). If you’ve never heard of the Black Tie coverage at Best Buy, I’m telling you, it’s freaking awesome. Depending on the cost of your product the rate changes for the coverage, but literally if ANYTHING goes wrong, they fix or replace it = piece of mind. As long as Best Buy has this coverage, I’ll be buying my tech there.

So my whole laptop thing isn’t really stressing me completely out, I may have lost some fonts and might have to reinstall a bunch of programs (annoying by not the end of the world). I say “controlled chaos” in my headline today because I work for myself = I choose everything that I do. And not only am I in the last weeks before I open my new shop (!!!) but Victoria and I also launched a blog on our site The B Bar called THE WELL (I love doing everything all at once, can ya tell?). Read about why we started THE WELL and what we’ll be discussing HERE. As much as we will be digging into blogging, social media, online marketing, and the industry — we also have a sense of humor (i.e. the photo above). Yes, blogging is our business, and we take it seriously — but there’s always time for a drink and a laugh — so do both this weekend.


Photo by Lydia Hudgens