STATE OF THE MEG // Blog & Business Evolution

Lately I’ve been in mega-organization / business mode. Working away at all hours (you may see me on social media at crazy hours) redesigning my site, creating content for the blog, collaborating with amazing people and brands, working with consulting clients and growing my consulting business, planning and marketing my seminars, and continuing to be creative and innovative in the blogging/creative/social media/online marketing industries.

I want to share with you a little about the transformation going on for my new website. I will get to it in further depth in other posts, but I thought I’d give you some quick thoughts. Not only is it time for an update on MIMI+MEG, but it’s time to expand, grow, and change. Many of you have said to me via social media and emails that you like my current site and can’t imagine what an update will look like. I really appreciate your comments. When I designed what is the current logo and layout I always hoped that it was modern and classic enough to not become old. But now it is definitely time for new.
I left my position as a senior designer at Hallmark Cards over a year and a half ago to move out to DC with my husband. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that over two years ago my husband was in a bad car accident that changed the course of our lives (he is fine now). And even though we have both gone down a different path because of it, it ended up taking us to where we both wanted to be faster than I think we would have gotten there otherwise. I don’t know if I believe in the saying everything happens for a reason because that gets into deeper spiritual-type of issues that I won’t discuss now, but because of what did happen it brought us to where we are now, and I like where it’s going.
To be completely honest, when I first left my job I was so excited. I had dreamed of my last day at my corporate job for years. I have wanted to go out on my own for as long as I can remember and I just felt free. I had so many ideas. I had this blog that had been growing since 2007. I was ready. Until a few months later when I realized that I wasn’t actually ready. I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I tested out multiple different business ideas that I’d had building up in my head for years. I would actually research them, write business plans for them, design the websites, get the twitter handles (plural — I did this with multiple different ideas), etc. I spent a lot of time flushing out business plans, marketing plans, and designing products and websites, to then realize each of those businesses wasn’t what how I really wanted to spend my time. Right now at least.
I never want to do anything half-assed, but being a creative person, we tend to get a little distracted by shiny ideas we have. We get really excited and follow them around for a while until we get bored. All of the ideas I had, and even flushed out, I emailed to friends and family (who were all so nice to humor me with their support), and I still think they are actually good business ideas — I just can’t do them all. Or do them now. Or do them ever. As much as I’d love to see all of them through at some point, I’m only one person, and I had to learn how to focus. Focus and decide what it was that I wanted to really do.
That was 2011. A long long year where I ran around in circles (in my head, although outside probably would have been a lot better for my health) figuring out myself and my business. It was hard and very stressful, but I think I learned some amazing lessons that I’m still learning and putting into practice now. Sometimes you have to try things to learn. Sometimes you have to go through crazy times to have pivotal realizations. Maybe this will all make for a better story some day (ahem publishing companies).
2012 has been a wonderful time of productivity for me. I definitely can’t look back at this year so far and feel like I didn’t spend the majority of my time working on my career — which makes me happy and proud of myself. I’m always looking onward and forward, but my close friends and family have to remind me to celebrate the good things. I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything… I’m just driven to reach my goals.
My new website will be a professional site to house my consulting business and other things I have going on — seminars, art, etc. The blog will still remain intact, but better. I am adding contributors for a few reasons. One being again that I am just one person. I am not talented at everything, nor do I have time to be, but I’d love share the expertise of other amazing people in this space. Together we will be bringing you similar content to what I have now — fashion, interiors, art, and GSD — but I will be expanding into categories that I wish I was more talented in — food, florals, legit interior design, and travel to name a few. I have chosen contributors carefully, and will still be editing and collaborating with them on the content, so it will not feel like a departure from my aesthetic. However, I’ve lined up some talented people that I think you will love!
Now that I’m done spilling my business beans (did you make it this far?) I want to ask you for your thoughts on what types of content you’d like to see moving forward. Please write your thoughts in the comments below. Photo by Casie Mace