STATE OF THE MEG // January 2012

Bracelet c/o BFREND

Wow, January was a busy month! So far, we’ve been so spoiled with an extremely mild winter. Today it was 72 degrees! I feel like we are going to pay for it with either tons of rain this spring or a really bad winter next year. Enough about the weather, back to January. It’s over! But it was jam-packed full of fun, motivating experiences. Since I declared 2012 The Year of Getting Shit Done, I really have to live up to it.

1. GALLERY M: If you are wondering what happened with Gallery M (okay you probably weren’t), well, a few things. I didn’t get the response I was hoping for (which is okay, not every idea I think is cool will resonate with enough people to make it work). But I also learned at Alt Summit a little bit about the legalities around contests & giveaways, and lemmetellya it’s confusing, and I don’t have the time, nor the money to figure it out at this time, so unless an amazing art sponsor with a lawyer friend (wink wink to art companies) wants to co-re-launch Gallery M with me, it is going to sadly die. It can rise from the dead, but for now is dead. But hey, letting it go and moving on.

The Rothko Room at The Phillips Collection

2. ART GALLERIES: One of my Missions for 2012 was to go to a lot of art museums. I went to the MoMA in NYC to see the de Kooning exhibit, and to the Philips Collection in DC to see the Degas exhibit. Both. Were. Amazing. I’m going to try to go to at least one museum a month. In February I’m going back to Kansas City for a wedding, so I’m probably going to hit up either the Bloch Building at the Nelson or the Kemper Museum.

Photos from The Girls With Glasses Mini Party at ALT by CB Photography

3. ALT SUMMIT: Well I think I’ve talked about Alt enough in the past few weeks (here, here, here and here). But overall it was a blast to hang out with my blogger-friends (and real-life-friends), meet new people, discuss new opportunities, get answers to questions, and overall get a kick in the pants I needed to get myself more organized around here. I left inspired, tired, and with a long blog to-do list. Plus, I love traveling, but am sad I didn’t actually experience the mountains except from the view from my hotel room and the plane.

4. CONSULTING: Since I left my job last year (to move to the DC area), I’ve been doing consulting work, blogging, and painting. Yes, that all sounds like a dream, and it is, BUT it is really hard (think real hard before you quit your day job, let’s just say there has been very little shopping in the past year). Especially when you also move to a new city where you have few connections to start with. Is all the stress and non-shopping worth it? Hell yes, but I’m just warning you about the stress and lack of shopping. A worthy sacrifice in my case. Anyway, I have had some wonderful consulting experiences, that I really enjoy on a deep level. I absolutely love helping people figure out where to take their business, specifically when it pertains to them starting a blog, growing their blog, having an online shop, how to use social media for anything (business or personal), and how to approach bloggers and market your work, etc. I always knew I enjoyed mentoring and helping others, but I actually feel like I’m making a difference for people, and there is nothing better than that.

Washingtonian February 2012

5. COOL THINGS: This month I was beyond honored to be in a few publications in ways I wasn’t expecting. If you don’t follow me on Facebook or twitter, then you might not have seen any of it. But I wanted to take a second to thank The Washington Post, the Washingtonian, and Refinery29 (DC edition) for the warm welcome to DC, and a thanks to Rue for the fun Blogger Side-By-Side Feature. Images from all of those are in my Press section.

6. For my other 2012 Missions… I’m still working on them. I’ve got a huge post of all the things (not all but a lot) I am getting rid of (No. 4 Overhaul of possessions). I have been cooking with a better attitude and planning my meals, which really makes everything go a lot more smoothly and it makes C happier (No. 6).