My 2012 Cayman Leather Planner c/o Graphic Image; ZARA top (not available anymore)

The new year is typically when people sit down and really take a look at their life and think about it. I know I do. I definitely look at things by year. The past two years didn’t go how I thought they were going to… lots of great life and personal lessons learned though. Still sorting out all the details of all the challenges that faced my husband and I in the past two years. But I like to look forward and this year, I’ve mentioned that I named it The Year of Getting Shit Done. Mostly due to annoyance at myself because I think I could have accomplished a lot more last year, and I don’t want to look back at 2012 and feel the same way. So this year, I’m going to get some shit done.

So some of my missions for 2012 are:

1. Paint a lot lot lot. Develop several series I’ve been thinking about and sketching for a long time.
2. Launch a new business venture I’m working on
3. Get my shit together, in general (including an e-mail purge & major office organization)
4. Overhaul of possessions. This has already started with my closet with help from my Wardrobe Pare Down Guide & Clean Out Checklist. I also like MML’s idea of 100 things.
5. Read magazines within the month I get them, then recycle.
6. Plan meals + cook with a smiling face. Basically try to enjoy it. Going to be lots of gluten-free recipes going on in our house, so I started a Pinterest board called Gluten Free.
7. Read more books (thanks to the Kindle my mom got me for Xmas, I’m already on book #3!)
8. Visit lots of art museums (starting off the year strong with this one, went to the Phillips Collection and the MoMA in NYC already!)
9. Get mats and put the photos in frames that I’ve wanted to for, oh, ever.
10. Be more thoughtful
11. Do a lot more yoga
12. Travel with purpose. Plan out trips and seek out new places so I don’t waste a moment.

*Love my new planner c/o Graphic Image! Love that my initials are on it.