Statement Earrings Solve Problems

Meg Biram in black cami, black robe, and statement earrings

Ok maybe not like world problems, but your in-a-pinch need-to-dress-up-a-look kind of problems.

Statement earrings don’t have to be expensive. The statement earrings I’m wearing are on sale for $20! Over the years I’ve found that having a few great pairs of statement earrings can take an outfit to the next level.

I tend to purchase less items that are higher quality and then wear them all the time. For example the black lace cami I’m wearing in these photos is expensive for a tank, but the amount of times I’ve worn it, and how much I know I’ll continue wearing it in the future, makes the completely worth it for me. I’m not constantly on the hunt for a black cami, or buying a crappy one every few months.

Also this black slip dress I’ve worn countless times, and it’s something that’s really easy to change up the look by wearing either a shirt under it, or a jacket on top of it — add statement earrings and change up my hair and I’ve got a completely different look every time. At the same time, I will wear the same look over and over and over. About five years ago I bought a cashmere sweater and wore it so often my husband was like, you really like that sweater don’t you. I still have it!

The point I’m making is that having a few pairs of statement earrings you love on hand, can really help you jazz up an outfit in a pinch. You know that feeling when you have to get dressed up and you didn’t plan an outfit? My go-to is to wear all black, pull my hair back, and put on statement earrings and I’ve got a look. Everyone is so focused on the earrings (and heck, put on some bold lipstick too!) that they won’t even notice what you are wearing, since it’s all black it’ll just come off as chic.



Meg Biram - Black Outfit



Photos by Emma Weiss