Strange Attraction

Suno Plaid Blouse, Illesteva Sunglasses, and Vasic bucket bag.

Do you ever find yourself attracted to something outside of your normal style? For me it’s usually some sort of print that I can’t take my mind off of. I’m not super feminine when it comes to my fashion choices, but for whatever reason I could not stop thinking about this plaid neck tie blouse.

Suno Plaid Neck Tie Blouse - Plaid Detail

For one, I’ve been looking to add a few more dressier tops to my fall wardrobe. I always feel like I have plenty of casual options, but I wear the same few dressy tops over and over and need to add more variety in that part of my wardrobe.

Meg Biram walking in plaid blouse and black bucket bag.

I think the reason I like this top so much is because it’s exaggerated. The plaid is classic, but on a large scale. The bow is classic, but very exaggerated.

Suno Plaid Neck Tie Blouse and Illesteva Milan Sunglasses

I also like that I can wear it with black and blue — here I have it on with black jeans, and I think it could be dressed up by being tucked into a long black skirt. I also tried it on with blue jeans and black loafers and it looked great.

Suno Plaid Blouse and Illesteva Sunglasses

While it’s completely different from the edgier items I usually wear, I was strangely drawn to it and felt like it was the perfect top to add to my wardrobe this fall. Honestly, I feel like it’s one of those tops that I could literally wear for the rest of my life. When I’m old and want to hide everything — this top is perfect. A 33-year-old can wear it, and an 80-year-old can wear it!

Vasic Leather Bucket Bag

Switching gears, I’m obsessed with this bucket bag. This new-to-me brand, Vasic, makes some gorgeous bags. I think I’ll be a customer of their for years to come. P.S. Ignore my grandma hand. I have crazy veins.

Suno Neck Tie Plaid Blouse with Vasic Bucket Bag


SUNO Plaid Neck Tie Blouse

MADEWELL Skinny Jeans

VASIC Bucket Bag

ILLESTEVA Milan Sunglasses
Currently on sale — and these NEVER go on sale!

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Meg Biram walking in Suno plaid blouse.

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Suno Plaid Neck Tie Blouse

Photos by Laura Metzler