The Studded Shoes I Couldn’t Stop Thinking About

Alexander Wang // Elise Studded Suede Heels

I know, the day after this post I’m talking about shoes, but hear me out.

Here’s the deal — you have to wear shoes. Ok, there are some people in the world who don’t. But the majority of people in the US do need to wear shoes regularly, and I’m going to bet every single person that reads this post wears shoes almost daily (I know there are days here and there where you don’t leave your home, or your pajamas for that matter — thank god for seamless!).

Maybe you don’t care much about fashion, and a pair of plain black pumps is enough for your dress-up needs. Totally fine! For those of us who do love fashion, enter these Alexander Wang studded pumps.

Alexander Wang Heels

Have you ever seen a pair of shoes (in person or online) that you just can’t stop thinking about? And when you get dressed everyday you think to yourself at least once a week for a few months those shoes would go perfect with this outfit. That’s how I felt about these shoes. I really couldn’t stop thinking about them.

Unfortunately, they are almost completely sold out (I know, sorry!). Here are a few places you can still find some sizes: here, here, and here. FYI size down at least a half size, even a full size, they run very large. The thing is, I can’t just drop bank on designer shoes all the time. So I had to build up some gift card credit, and to my luck they also went on sale, so I didn’t have to pay to much out of pocket for my dream shoes. Basically I couldn’t get them new while they were still in stock in lots of sizes.

Alexander Wang // Elise Studded Suede Heels

This tends to happen about once or twice a year — an item comes along that I truly love on completely different level. Two other items that come to mind immediately are this AllSaints black leather jacket that I wore in this post (had birthday $ for that!), and my Acne Jensen boots from this post (saved up store credit for most of that purchase). Those were investments that I thought long and hard about (years actually), but they are also pieces that will last for a long long long time. Black leather jackets and black flat boots don’t really go out of style, so I knew they were safe investments.

These heels, also black, and not too crazy of a design, are edgy/funky, but not super trendy. So I know I’ll be able to wear them for years as well.

And that’s how I like to shop. I’d rather wait months and months for the absolute perfect thing that I love love love, even if it’s expensive, than have three pairs of the same type of item that are just OK.

The magic that happens when I shop like this is that when I’m satisfied with that aspect of my wardrobe, I stop wanting, stop looking, and stop shopping for that item. Why would I need another pair of black flat boots when I have the pair I love the most?

Alexander Wang Studded Suede Heels

Since DC is a walking city, I rarely buy heels anymore. I walk to a lot of events and things that I do so there’s not as much need for me to have so many pairs of heels. Which is great because then I can just have a select few that I really love.

Alexander Wang // Studded Suede Heels

But speaking of shoes, you know when people ask you what type of person you are (in regards to fashion)? Like, are you a shoe person? A bag person? A dress person? A coat person? You know what I mean, like the fashion item that you are the most obsessed with, that you have too many of but can’t stop yourself from buying more.

I never thought that I was a shoe person. I like all aspects of fashion — clothing, outerwear, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. But over the past year or two I’ve accumulated quite a nice shoe collection. Way beyond my bag collection my shoe collection is where it’s at. It’s mostly due to gift cards, birthday type gifts, and my work, but I didn’t realize it until recently that I really am obsessed with having the perfect shoes. I feel a whole separate post coming on about that…

Tell me: What type of fashion person are you? What’s your favorite part of your wardrobe? What do you love the most? And did you make any big, memorable fashion purchases this year? Shoe purchases?

Shop studded and embellished black heels and boots in different price ranges:

Alexander Wang Studded Heels

Photos by Meg Biram