Take me to … MEXICO


You  know when you just can’t get a little vacay off the brain? I am dreaming of a hot beach and becoming a little obsessed. After April (which is going to be cray — hello spring issue of to & from and launching the b bar) — and not to mention I’m turning the big 3-0 next Friday (!!!) so ya, I could do a beach. I just want to bake in the sun (read get a tan) and actually relax. Read a book for enjoyment, not just to help me fall asleep. Drink a cocktail at noon. Or eleven… or ten…

I feel like you know it’s time to get away when you just can’t stop thinking about it. I’m getting to that uninspired spent point where I need a fresh perspective (and I think fresh perspectives come at beaches, with cocktails). Youfollownmehere? We are getting just that little taste of spring, and I mean little as it snowed recently. But I’m just itching for some heat and I know it’s still months away.

Have you gotten to that point before? Where did you go to gain a fresh perspective?

Image of the Rosas & Xocolate Hotel via Conde Nast Traveler by Trujillo Paumier