Taking Better Care of my Skin

Meg Biram applying SK-II

As I’ve gotten older (I’m 34!) my skin has changed a lot. I was lucky to inherit my mother’s beautiful skin and never really had skin problems growing up, just your typical hormonal blemish here and there. Even as an adult my skin has always been clear and I often get compliments on it (don’t hate me).

SK-II and beauty products.

I will say I have taken pretty good care of my skin when it comes to moisturizing and cleansing. Ever since middle school I’ve taken my skin care routine seriously. I never fall asleep with makeup on and I always do my best to keep my face moisturized.

While I’ve always “taken care” of my skin, I haven’t really been very intentional with it as I have been in the past few years. I’m just starting to learn about the products on a scientific/chemical level. I’m starting to pay attention to what I’m putting on my skin, in what order, and make a point to watch how it affects my skin.

Pouring SK-II in hands.

I drink a lot of water, eat relatively healthy, and will continue to take care of my skin but I do spend a lot of time outside in the sun (and did as a child) so my skin is starting to show its age. With age and sun damage, my elasticity isn’t what it used to be. I’m getting sun spots. My skin isn’t nearly as plump, smooth, and even in color as it used to be and I’m started to form those dreaded wrinkles.

So, while my skin’s best days are in the past, I’m investigating new products to help minimize all of these signs of aging (and sun damage).

SK-II in hands

There are so many new-to-me products out there that I’ve seen other beauty experts rave about that I just have to try out for myself and see what all the fuss is about. One of them being the “miracle water” that is SKII Facial Treatment Essence. If you stalk beauty posts on the Internet (like I do) then you’ve definitely seen this product in many a medicine cabinets.

I was so excited to try the cult-favorite miracle water and partner up with SK-II for their #OneBottleAwayFrom challenge to see what my best skin could look like, and after several weeks of constant usage I can tell you that it does not disappoint.

Applying SK-II to face

In addition to the difference I have seen in my skin’s ability to retain moisture, added smoothness, and less obvious skin spots — I love the fresh feeling I get when I’m applying it to my face. I love the simplicity of splashing the product in my hand and patting into my face (or you can use a cotton pad to apply as well). It’s very satisfying and ritualistic. I have loved adding it to my nighttime skincare routine. I definitely think my skin looks better now than it has in several months so I feel like my #OneBottleAwayFrom challenge to get my best skin (at 34!) was a success!

SK-II and beauty products.

Why is the SKII Facial Treatment Essence so amazing? It’s 90% Pitera™, which is a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids. Pitera™ helps moderate the skin’s renewal cycle.

Putting sunscreen in hands.

In addition to adding this miracle water to my skincare routine, I’m also amping up my daily sunscreen usage. Honestly, in the past I’ve rarely worn sunscreen on the daily, but that good ole Father Time is giving me a bit of a glimpse into my future with a few wrinkles forming! Now, anytime I know I’ll be spending time outdoors I’m make it a point to wear sunscreen.

Meg Biram putting on a hat

But sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough. I love to read outdoors and I find myself doing a lot of squinting and I can just feel my crow’s feet forming, so I’ve also been donning a hat to shield the sun from my face a lot more often than I ever did in the past. I used to want to have that sun-kissed look to my skin, now I just want to block every chance of furthering wrinkles and sun damage.

Meg Biram with Hat

In my mind, your skin is one thing worth investing in. You only get one face, and you wear it every day, so it’s worth taking the time to properly take care of it.

SK-II Miracle Water Essence


Photos by Emma Weiss

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