The Art of Basics

Blue Oxford Shirt

A closet without basics is just a nightmare. Unless you have a dress for every day of the year, you need the basics to build outfits from. There are seasonal basics like winter coats and summer dresses, and then basic items you can wear year-round.

For me a black pant and black heels are year-round basics. I wear black more than any color, so I have several pairs of black pants and heels otherwise I’d completely wear mine out.

If you want to go basic on basic, add an oxford shirt like I did here. I have oxfords in white, blue, black, gray, and olive. That way I always have something quick and easy to reach for. I like outfits that I can put on quickly, that look put together, and I can wear them to meetings and events, day and night.

Susan Calloway Art //

Susan Calloway Art //


Smart Oxford Shirt
I love the stripes on the sleeve cuffs when you roll them up!

Cigarette Pant
If you always have to hem your pants or you want them to hit above the ankle, these are the pants for you.

Licorice Heels
They also come in red, leopard, and floral.

Cameron Street Candace Satchel

Blue Oxford Shirt //

kate spade new york satchel

Susan Calloway Art //

Blue Oxford Shirt

kate spade new york black heels

Blue Oxford Shirt

kate spade blue oxford shirt

Susan Calloway Art //

The art featured in these photos is by Carol Reed. Her work is currently on exhibit at Susan Calloway Fine Art in Georgetown.


Photos by Laura Metzler 

Outfit courtesy of kate spade new york