The Art of Performance

Meg Biram in Jaguar XE.

In the past few years I think I’ve exposed you all to my more adventurous side. I took you along with me on my gorilla trek in Rwanda, my first (and probably only) gliding experience, and today I fulfilled one of my secret bucket list items — being driven around on a closed track by a professional driver.

Meg Biram at The Art of Performance Tour by Jaguar

I teamed up with Jaguar as they’ve come out with their new generation of cars, and their first ever SUV. Which I got to ride in and drive today, and let’s just say that getting back into my five-year-old SUV will not be the same. Luxury is just so easy to get used to.

Meg Biram in mirror of Jaguar XE.

This morning I got to experience the last stop on Jaguar’s The Art of Performance Tour, and I’m so glad I did. It was so much fun! If you live in the DC area and you either love cars, or are looking for something exciting to do this weekend, the event is out at the Dulles Expo Center through Sunday. Get a reservation to go through the same experience I did here.

Meg Biram riding with a professional driver.

You can see live video from now until tomorrow morning on my Instagram Story (@megbiram — you have to watch it in the app) or on Snapchat (user: megbiram).

Meg Biram getting makeup done.

The entire experience is fun and unlike anything I’ve ever done before. You can go in and look at their new generation of cars. Sit in them, touch all the buttons, see if you like how they feel. Then you can get your makeup done — yes seriously! There are two makeup artists doing makeup because you get to be in your own mini action film in the Jaguar XE, which is their newest compact luxury sedan.

meg biram making jaguar movie

Doing the film is really simple and only takes a few minutes.

meg biram making jaguar movie

They have a legit movie set!

Meg Biram driving Jaguar F-Pace.

Then you can take their new SUV the F-PACE on a street drive.

Meg Biram driving Jaguar XE on closed track.

And my favorite part — drive on a closed track with a professional driver in the XE.

Meg Biram riding with a professional driver.

I had the professional driver drive me around the track a few times before I took the wheel. WAY more fun that I even thought. And he went WAY faster than I thought he would! I mean that car has some torque (I’m pretty sure that’s the right word for it). Anyway, it was a BLAST!

Jaguar The Art of Performance Tour

After the driver took me around a few times he explained to me how the course worked. All of the cones were certain colors for certain reasons, some mean speed up, others mean hit the brakes, some are where you are supposed to direct the car to the inside or the outside of a curve. VERY interesting and helpful for us non-professional drivers.

Jaguar XE on closed track

I totally get why people get addicted to driving fast in cars. I was like a kid saying, “Can we do it again? Can we do it again?”

Meg Biram in Jaguar XE.

I think there might be more fast cars in my future…

Meg Biram in Jaguar F-Pace.

Go check out Jaguar’s The Art of Performance Tour if you are in DC this weekend and looking for something fun to do! RSVP here!

Meg Biram with white Jaguar.

Outfit: Papin Leather Biker Jacket; Blouse (similar); Koral Moto Leggings; Slides with Bow; Vasic Bucket Bag; Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses; Pearl Voyager Ring

Meg Biram in Jaguar F-Pace.


Photos by Emma Weiss

This post was done in partnership with Jaguar. All opinions are honest and are my own.