The Beauty Secret You Should Start Doing Now

the beauty secret you need to start doing now on

I’ve heard this beauty secret before, but for whatever reason I either just didn’t believe it. But then I read it again in a post on A Cup of Jo and it stuck with me.

The beauty secret is — put oil on your body you are still wet! It makes the oil much easier to spread around and rub in, and the water helps lock the moisture into your skin.

So I tried it. I actually do this in the shower after I turn the water off. I sort of wipe off as much water off my body as I can, but I’m still very wet, then I spray this Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum all over my body and rub it in.

The first time I did it I thought, there is no way this is going to work, but it does. And it’s much easier than toweling off, then trying to rub oil or lotion all over a dry body. Also since the product I’m currently using is a spray, it’s even easier, there’s no cap or anything — I just spray and rub it in. Then I pat myself dry with my towel.

I’m all about doing things efficiently, and I’m a fanatic about staying moisturized, so I love how this simple trick saves me a few minutes every time I take a shower.

More body oils to try:

Have you ever tried putting oil on while wet?

Have you learned any new beauty tricks recently? Tell me!


Photo by Meg Biram