The BEST Pasties!

Nudwear Pasties - Nipple Covers

I don’t know how I’m 35 and I just started wearing pasties (also called nipple covers). I have been small up top my entire life. I’ve owned it. I don’t mind. I’d rather be small than large. I mean I wouldn’t mind one cup size up, but I deal. I like that I can practically wear any type of shirt or dress without worrying if it’s too revealing. There’s nothing to reveal!

I definitely think the plight of a larger breasted woman is much worse than those of us in the itty bitty club. Back pain, bra difficulties, feeling like they have to cover up the girls, saggy boobs later in life. I’d love to fill out a bathing suit but I’ll take my small cupcakes over large melons any day.

My book club is split down the middle. Half of us are itty bitty, the other half cannot go braless. One of my itty bitty friends raved about her pasties and how she’s tried every kind and she found the absolute best ones. I didn’t really realize why I needed them until the fashion trends over the past few years. A lot of the time I can just go braless. Especially in the winter. Sweater season is amazing because I hate wearing bras anyway, so I don’t whenever possible.

But in the summer there are a lot of outfits I would go braless in that would have probably looked a little better with a pastie or I just wouldn’t buy or wear those outfits.

The Best Pasties with Travel Case

Last year I was on the hunt for the perfect white cami. I had a black one that I wore constantly without a bra or pasties, but white was a different story. And there were so many thin see-through camis I just couldn’t understand how anyone could wear them! I know a lot of gals don’t mind their nipples showing through their shirts. More power to you ladies! Do your thing. I don’t mind a lacy bra showing, but I live in a conservative area and would personally feel uncomfortable if my nips were visible.

So when my friend at book club claimed she’d found the best nipple covers on the market, those were the ones I wanted to try. And ladies with darker skin — they come in your color too!

I finally got them and tried them out for myself. Now I have nothing to compare them to, but I’d prefer to not have bad experiences and just skip straight to the best. And I can see why my friend claims these are the best. They are truly amazing. They feel like literally NOTHING. They stick so easily, but then peel off so gently (you have to peel them off gently, don’t rip them off!). You can reuse them, all you do is rinse them off with gentle soap and warm water and let them dry. They even come with a little pouch so you can travel with them or store them.

The Best Pasties — Nudwear Nipple Covers

They are thick so they are sure to cover you even if you get chilly. And the edges blend in right with your skin. I wore them with a super tight tank and you couldn’t see the edges at all.

I haven’t had any problems with them except on an excessively hot day when I was extremely sweaty, I thought one was coming loose so I just made sure while I was still sweaty that I kept an eye on it. But I can’t imagine any other product performing any better than these.

Nope, this post isn’t sponsored, and Nudwear did not send them to me. I bought them after my friend’s rave reviews, and here I am telling you all about them too!

The Best Pasties with a Travel Case

There are a few tricks to putting them on and taking care of them. First, make sure your skin is clean with no lotions on it. You want them to stick to your skin. For perfect placement, you can turn them inside out to get them perfectly centered on your nipple, this also helps them really suction on.

For cleaning, carefully remove them (be gentle, that keeps the adhesive stronger for longer), and then rinse them with warm water and a mild soap (I use a bit of my foaming hand soap), and then let them dry before placing the plastic back on the sticky side, and put them back in the case.

I’ve worn my several times and the stickiness hasn’t diminished at all. The site says they are reusable over 40 times, so I guess we’ll see how many wears I can get out of them.

I know this seems like a lot of photos of pasties, but I wanted to show you both sides, the travel case, and the plastic that you should keep to put back onto the adhesive side between wears!

Do you love your pasties? Tell me what they are!


Photos by Meg Biram