The iPhone Accessory You NEED

Function over aesthetics in this case.

Meg Biram in living room.

What is this iPhone accessory that you NEED? Well, look at my finger in this photo. See the black ring on it with my phone hanging off? It’s unofficially called the iRing, and it’s changed my iPhone life. Works for any phone — not just an iPhone.

iRing iPhone accessory

It’s just a tiny thing you stick on the back of your phone case — or your actual phone — and the ring on it twists and turns around so that you can put a finger through it at any angle to hang on to your phone.

iRing iPhone accessory

Since getting this iRing I haven’t dropped my phone once! And it’s super cheap. Find a few versions of it on Amazon. This black one is the exact one I have.

iphone iring accessory

It also acts as a stand, so if you like to watch videos or use your phone as a timer or alarm clock, having this as a stand is super helpful too.

iRing iPhone accessory

It’s super helpful if you go to a lot of events and you want to keep your phone handy either for photos or you’re waiting for a call/text and you wouldn’t feel/hear your phone in your bag — you can still hold your drink and a plate of food AND have your phone easily accessible, just hanging right off your finger! I go to a lot of work events where I cover the event on social media so I always have to have my phone handy to snap a pic or a video.

Looks silly, but I’m at the point in my life where I don’t care. If it’s functional and makes my life easier — I’m good.

meg biram

Seriously the amount of times I used to drop my phone and just cringe before I picked it up to see if my screen shattered — you know the feeling — is gone because I just never drop it anymore!

It also makes taking selfies MUCH easier if that’s your thing. 😉

Do you have a phone accessory you can’t live without!?!


In photos: Vince slip dress; Bahamas iPhone case; Initial necklaceEdge wine glass; my cell phone ring holder (or iRing is just easier to say)

Photos by Emma Weiss