The Jacket that Sold Out

Meg Biram wearing KC tank.

Today I’m talking a little behind the scenes of the blogging world. In DC the joke is that people always ask “So what do you do?” meaning they want to know what your job is. Guilty, I totally ask this. But being someone that is NOT in politics, government, contracting, a lawyer, non-profit, lobbying, or political news — I actually find their jobs fascinating as they are soooooo different from my own. I ask a million questions just because I’m curious (this drives my husband crazy). So because I always find other industries fascinating and I love to understand the inner workings of different career paths, I thought this might be interesting to some of you.

Meg Biram wearing olive cargo jacket, walking puppy Hemingway.

I ordered this jacket (similar) on the very first day of the private Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Like a good strategic blogger who covers fashion, the NSale is a really popular sale that — in all honesty — a lot of bloggers can make a lot of money from. The trick for bloggers is that you have to turn your content around really fast in the case of this sale because items sell out quickly.

Such was the case for this jacket.

Meg Biram in Washington DC.

Sometimes when a blogger that has a large following posts an item, that item will sell out in a matter of hours or days. Then when there is a massive sale like the NSale, and every fashion blogger is picking up a few items to feature for the sale, some of the items that get featured can overlap, and whomever featured the item first (or the few bloggers that featured it first) will benefit, and you are just stuck with photos of an item that your readers can’t buy anymore.

You can always publish the post and link to similar items, but a lot of the time readers want to know where your exact item is from. You picked it over the other jackets for a reason, and they want that jacket.

Meg Biram wearing KC tank and green jacket.

The point of the NSale is that Nordstrom offers new fall items at a discount during the sale, and then sometimes after the sale they will restock the item, but at full price. Which is what I was hoping would happen for this jacket. It sold out before I could get this post up, so I held onto the photos to see if they would restock the jacket after the sale was over and then I could share it with you once you could actually buy the jacket again. I hate to post an item and be like — look how amazing this jacket is, I just got it a week ago, but it sold out…sorry!

Meg Biram with puppy Hemingway in Washington DC.

So far Nordstrom hasn’t restocked the jacket, and I can’t find it anywhere else. It also comes in black, but several of the sizes are sold out already. But I wanted to share the photos with you because I thought the idea of a behind the scenes post was interesting. Crossing my fingers they restock it at some point and if they do, I’ll let you know, because honestly, it is a great jacket. The fabric is really soft and I love the fit and that it has pockets. I like that I can slip my phone and keys in the pockets when I’m walking Hemingway.

Now I totally realize this is all first world problem crap, and I’m not complaining about my job or this situation. I just thought the specifics of it might be interesting to some of you.

Meg Biram wearing KC tank and olive green jacket.

What I was going to write about the jacket in the original post was that this is a replacement jacket. I’ve had an olive cargo jacket for years. It’s a staple in my wardrobe. I have to have a lot of jacket options because I always get cold. I got my old jacket at GAP probably like 7-8 years ago, and I’ve basically worn it to death and needed an updated version. So when I saw this one on the NSale I thought — perfect! A light jacket is the perfect transitional piece to get you into fall and I consider olive green a neutral. I’ve found jackets similar to mine for you to peruse below if you are in the market for a light jacket for fall.

If you have any other Behind the Scenes questions, let me know — I might answer them in a post!

Meg Biram in olive cargo jacket with puppy Hemingway.


BP Cargo Anorak Jacket
Here in black. Similar here.

xKCx Tank 
I bought this at the Made in Kansas City store, but the brand has some awesome products online!

Madewell Black Skinny Jeans

Sol Sana Lawrence Sandals
Currently on sale, and super comfy!

Ray-Ban Aviators

Larsson & Jennings Watch

Workhorse Jewelry Belle Earrings

Meg Biram with puppy Hemingway.




Photos by Laura Metzler

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