The Life Edit

The Life Edit is The Ultimate Guide to Editing the Clutter Out of Your Closet and Creating a Wardrobe You Love.

Part book, part workbook, The Life Edit will help walk you through cleaning out your entire wardrobe, tell you what to do with all the items, and help you create a wardrobe you love.

You wear clothes every day. You stand in front of (or in) your closet, thinking about what you are going to wear every day. You pick out an outfit, try it on, maybe change it three times before settling on something that looks good every day. All that time you spend dealing with your clothes and how you look really starts to adds up.

Now picture yourself walking into a closet where all of the clothing fits you. Everything is a color that looks good on you. You love every item. All of the hangers match. This closet isn’t overstuffed — it’s neat, organized, and it makes you happy.

The Life Edit is a guide to editing the clutter out of your life. If you follow Meg’s method it will help you pare down your physical and digital “stuff” so that you can live a more unburdened life. Life is too short to let your stuff weigh you down.

You will take a style assessment to define your style, overhaul your wardrobe using my five-step process, help you figure out how to sell or discard your items, help you reorganize your closet, and create a shopping list to make staying on track easy.


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What people have said about the book:


The Life Edit has fundamentally changed the way I think about shopping — defining your unique style and eliminating anything in your closet and life that doesn’t fit into that makes the decision-making so much easier. Meg shares her own personal journey paired with tips and takeaways — you will not regret reading this ebook!”

— Sadie K. Cornelius

“I’ve read dozens of minimalism, organization, and styling books throughout the years but The Life Edit is the first book I’ve ever read to give you the power to continue to make effective and sustainable decisions about what you bring into your wardrobe for years to come.”

— Carlene Thomas, RDN

“I LOVED The Life Edit. It completely made me slow down and truly think about my closet and what pieces were useful to me. The step of trying on each piece of clothing and if your reaction wasn’t immediately positive, to put it in the toss or give away pile was extremely helpful and freeing for me. There are so many items I had in my closet that I was holding on to simply because they were expensive or held some sort of nostalgic memory for me. Realizing that they were only taking up space in my closet and were no longer useful to me allowed me to give them away and focus on what I truly love to wear. Thank you for a great book and a newly cleaned and organized closet!”

— Samantha Penner

The Life Edit helped me discover how to edit my closet for quality over quantity. Also, I was able to hone in on clothing that functions for my current lifestyle instead of the lifestyle I had 10 years ago.”

— Julia Coney

“I absolutely loved The Life Edit. I find it hard to get rid of certain clothes that I don’t even wear, but the book walked me through the process of painless closet purging. I am extremely grateful for the ebook because I am able to strategically organize my closet and dressers as well as get rid of pieces I don’t wear. Also, I have become very particular on the clothes that I purchase in order to maintain a minimalist wardrobe. Thank you so much — it has honestly changed my views on cleaning and organizing my closet.”

— Breanna Mino

“With years of professional organizing experience, I have deemed The Life Edit as my new go-to for inspiration. Meg’s creative perspective and easy-to-follow method have encouraged me to overhaul my world and adopt a minimalist lifestyle. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a refresh and am excited to share Meg’s book with my clients.”

— Catherine Zinn