The Modern Honolulu

Waikiki. Oahu. Hawaii. All the fun words.

pool at the modern honolulu

Aloha! It seems like forever ago I was at The Modern Honolulu in Oahu but it was actually wasn’t even 7 weeks ago that I was soaking up the Pacific sun with Aida, Eden, Erin, and Kylie. This was my first time to Hawaii in general and let’s just say I want to go back. Now! I actually didn’t really want to leave! There is so much to do on Oahu alone, the time I was there wasn’t enough — let alone visiting the other Hawaiian islands (dying to go to the big island and Kawaii).

I was so excited to stay at The Modern Honolulu, maybe for obvious reasons — I love modern hotels! This hotel did not disappoint. I really didn’t want to leave. I could have easily spent several more days at there — at the pools, trying out the spa, having drinks at The Study, and exploring Oahu.

restaurant at the modern honolulu

While were on the subject of the pool, I’ll just dive right into why it was awesome. The main pool (top photo), also called the Sunrise Pool, besides just being gorgeous, with comfy chairs, waitresses, free sunscreen and flavored water, also had a bar (with TVs) and dining as well (above). It was the MLB playoffs when I was there so TVs were important as I was cheering for the Royals!

At night the trees were lit up with lights so it was just as gorgeous at night as it was during the day. I missed capturing a photo at night of how beautiful it was, but next time I’m there I will get it!

the modern honolulu hawaii

This is the view of the hotel from the main pool. I love how retro modern it is on the outside.

adult pool at the modern honolulu

You might have picked up on the fact that I said pools instead of pool, there was also an adult pool. Love me an adult pool. While children are great, I don’t necessarily want to be around them while I’m on a trip, drinking and lounging at a pool. There actually weren’t really any kids there while we were there so that wasn’t an issue, but I was glad there was an adult pool option.

the modern honolulu

The adult pool (also called the Sunset Pool) is actually only about a foot deep. The cobalt glass tiles were custom-designed by artist Yves Klein (one of my faves!). It’s more of a floating pool. They had white rafts where you could just absolutely relax and float around. There were also chairs partially in the water, and chairs and daybeds in the sand around the pool. And there was another bar there as well. LOVED it. I look forward to spending more time at both of the amazing pools!

room at the modern honolulu

Now a little bit about my room. I always say, if I don’t want to Instagram the bed, then it might not be the right hotel for me. (I did Instagram the bed.) I mean LOOK at this bed.

The rest of the room and bathroom was equally as modern. You might have seen it on my snapchat while I was there, if not I’ll have a YouTube video up soon and you can see it there.

view of beach from the modern honolulu

The view from my balcony — terrible, right!?! KIDDING. I actually took both of the pool photos from my balcony as well, so two pool views, this beach view, and a view of the city (below), all from one balcony!

view of waikiki from the modern honolulu

Each morning I would get up and drink my tea out on the balcony while doing a little work before I started my day.

hand painted wallpaper at the modern honolulu

On the 2nd floor (where the entrance to the spa and the adult pool is) there is this amazing hand-painted palm wallpaper. Might have to copy this…

sand at the modern honolulu

Dying to go back and stay at The Modern (as the say locally).

So you get that the pools are awesome, the rooms are cool, and the views are various and stunning, but I cannot go without mentioning the FOOD!

We enjoyed an evening at Morimoto where I even ate some raw meat that was so delicious I kept eating it. I believe it was beef carpaccio which I’ve only had once before. We also ate at The Grove, which is al fresco, and I’m obsessed with eating al fresco whenever the weather permits. In bad blogger form I don’t remember what I ate, but I do remember it being delicious and eating as much of it as I could physically stuff into myself.

We also had drinks at The Study, which is a lounge in the lobby of The Modern. There was a local duo playing and singing and they were SO GOOD. I’m pretty sure I annoyingly snapchatted a lot of it, but the singer was incredible. And, being a media group, we were treated to some off-menu ice cream dessert in a martini glass that I can’t even begin to describe but let’s just say there were candied nuts and seeds in it and I was OBSESSED. I think I talked about every day for the rest of the trip.

I’ll have more about everything I did in Oahu coming up soon!

On my to-do list for the next time I visit Hawaii — enjoy more time at The Modern Honolulu, do more hiking, and have a luxurious yet old-school Hawaiian experience. I hear the big island is as close to “old Hawaii” as it gets. Also the hiking on the big island and Kawaii (I hear) is amazing. I also really want to go on a helicopter tour. I still have things left to do on Oahu too — I want to go on the Jurassic Park tour, hike Pillbox, and go to Pearl Harbour. So many reasons to go back!


This trip was courtesy of the island of Oahu. Special thanks to The Modern Honolulu. All opinions are my own.