The New!

new mood board

Welcome to the new! We’ve done a complete rebrand and designed brand spanking new website from scratch.

The last redesign I did launched on October 29, 2012. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long — 4.5 years! I designed that version of the site myself and had my developer make it functional for me. A new site was LONG overdue. Technology and the Internet change so much every year, a site redesign is usually necessary every few years.

It’s true, the second you commit yourself to a redesign, you start to hate your current website. I started seriously thinking about a full redesign in early 2016, committed to the project with a designer and developer in May, and we officially began the process in August (although I was researching all year to figure out what I wanted), so I’ve been ready to change my site since the beginning of 2016!

Needless to say, it’s been a long process, but I’m so excited that it’s finally here! color palette

The color palette for the new site might surprise some of you. I am more of a neutral gal. But as I was pulling together images for my brand mood board (top image), the common thread I noticed in addition to my usually black, white, gray, tan, was deep forest green and blush. Both of these colors are also common in my wardrobe, so while it’s not too far of a departure, having blush as a main part of my new site was something I really had to think about.

I ended up going with it because I felt like over the past few years a lot of websites have rebranded an are only using black, white, and shades of gray or tan. I understand why — visually all the content you post will go with it. But like usual, I like to stand out and be different from the crowd.

I also felt like when you think about blogging years ago, each site had so much more personality than they seem to now. The second you opened up someone’s blog in a browser you knew exactly who it was and you could see their personality. I feel like that personality has gotten a bit lost and I wanted to make sure that I created something that would stand out.


navigating the site


I want to take some time to point out some new things you’ll find on the site and give you an overview of how to use it.

In the very top black navigation bar you can find some info about me, FAQs, press, contact information, and all the ways to work with me including partnerships, speaking engagements, consulting, my artwork, and my styling, content creation and travel photography portfolio. You can also subscribe to my newsletter and find links all my social media profiles on the top right. To get back to the home page, just click on the MEGBIRAM logo.

The second navigation bar (in the white space to the right of my logo), if you hover over Content a dropdown menu will show you all of the categories I currently cover. You can click on the category and it will take you to an archives page of that category where you can see 12 posts in that category at a time, making looking back through previous content much easier!

At the end of this second navigation bar you will see the Shop. If you hover over Shop you will see that you can either click on my Bookshelf, or my Faves.

The Bookshelf is something I’m really excited about! If you’ve been around here a while you know I read a lot and cover a lot of books here on the site, so I wanted to give them their own page. On my bookshelf you will be able to search all the books I’ve read (that are worthy of the bookshelf) and there will be a link to a post if I’ve written about the book. There is also a button that says Book Shop in the sidebar, and this will get you to the same place. I will still write posts about books, and you can find those in the Content dropdown under Books.

Below the two large photos you will start to see the posts. Right above the posts are the categories again for your quick reference. The posts on the main page are in chronological order, and you can keep going back chronologically by clicking on “older” at the bottom of the site.

Another page I’m really excited about is the Travel Edit. The idea for the Travel Edit came to me when I was planning a long trip that wasn’t a press trip. Usually I don’t have to plan much, it’s all planned for me. But when I went on a trip with family abroad the planning took over my life! I had forgotten how much time it takes to plan out a long trip overseas. I found myself digging through tons of blogs, only to find pieces of useful information here and there. I thought, why isn’t there ONE PLACE where all the good travel content is? Hence, the Travel Edit. Over time the Travel Edit will get much more fleshed out as I come across content I feel is high quality and actually helpful.

The last page I wanted to make sure to mention is the Resources page! There you can find all the gear I use to make this site possible, my favorite podcasts, apps I use, travel resources, and even my favorite pens!


Take some time to click around! I can’t wait to hear what you think! Get ready for some exciting new columns and a few I’m bringing back from the past!