The Painting of the Girl

Painting in courtyard at NH Amistad in Cordoba, Spain //

You may remember the post I did about the NH Amistad in Cordoba which included this painting of a girl in the courtyard. When I emailed the hotel to ask about the artist they said the paintings in the courtyard were done by Antoni Puig, but they didn’t have any other information about them. I couldn’t find any additional information about the girl painting at all or related to the artist either so I really know nothing about it.

Girl Painting in Courtyard at NH Amistad in Cordoba, Spain //

I raved about our time in Spain to my mother (who constantly is traveling the world), so her and her husband ended up going on a long trip to Portugal and Spain this year. She ended up also staying at the NH Amistad in Cordoba because she was obsessed with this painting that I had shown her a my photo of.

She loved it so much she asked me to send the photo to her, she wanted to paint it herself. So I sent her my image and over Thanksgiving I went home (to Kansas City) and was able to see the painting she did of it.

painting comparison

Her painting is on the right.

You could definitely say that I got my artsy nature from my mom’s side. My dad was in advertising and I got my marketing mind partly from him, but the drawing and painting comes from my mom and her parents. Mostly her father, my grandfather. He was an entrepreneur, and definitely an artist although I think he had a lot more art in him than he let out during his life.

He did take a lot of photographs in Ireland and I have a strong desire to paint some of them. One of his photographs was bought by Hallmark (which I later worked for) and was made into a card.

girl painting

My mom has been wanting to get back to her artsy side for a while. She retired a few years ago and now has time to dedicate to it when she’s not traveling or hanging out with one of her grandchildren.

girl painting

She hasn’t painted anything in decades, so this being her first painting after I mean, years and years and years — I was impressed.

What people who aren’t artists don’t realize is, it takes A LOT to actually create something. Something you are proud of, something you are willing to put on the Internet for everyone to see, something to hang up in your home. Don’t believe me? Go get a piece of paper and draw a portrait. See how that turns out. It’s really hard!

girl painting

So as a part of my Muse series (that I need to post about a lot more often) I wanted to include my mom’s painting of the girl. Maybe it will inspired you to so something creative!

Painting in courtyard at NH Amistad in Cordoba Spain //


Photos by Meg Biram