The Quickest Way to Look Pulled Together

So profesh.

veronica beard black jacket - meg biram

When I think back into my fashion past, my relationship with black jackets stands out. From my first black jacket from Target, to one from BB Dakota, to then a Madewell jacket (that I still have and wear on occasion), a black jacket is a piece I’ve always had at least one of in my wardrobe. It was a happy day that I upgraded to a black jacket from a company known for their jackets — Veronica Beard’s Long and Lean Jacket.

blonde wavy hair

This particular jacket has an oversized boyfriend fit that I like. In my industry, wearing a suit just isn’t necessary (I don’t even own suit pants!). So while a jacket is dressing up or finishing an outfit, for me it doesn’t have to be fitted, and it still makes me feel pulled together and confident.

wavy blonde bob - meg biram

I also like that this jacket is a little relaxed and I can easily move my arms. Nothing worse then a jacket that is too tight in the shoulders and arms.

meg biram - wavy blonde hair - veronica beard jacket

So while I never need to wear a full suit (and never have) I do like and need to look pulled together quite frequently for meetings and events. And being someone who is generally always cold, jackets are my best friends. And having a black jacket I can rely on is invaluable in my wardrobe.

veronica beard jacket - meg biram

I will throw a black jacket on top of almost any outfit — a dress, jeans, even with shorts! It’s something I reach for constantly in many versions — my black leather jacket, my black silk jacket — they all make frequent appearances.

meg biram - bauble bar earrings

Here I’m wearing a look that is so easy, so mindless to throw on, yet so chic — I find myself reaching for it in when in a hurry (which is often!). Black jeans, black jacket, and a nude tank. It’s modern and professional, yet leaves room for any sort of crazy accessory or statement shoe I want to add to inject it with personality. Or not. Minimal and neutral is just as cool and is often the route I take.

megbiram - veronica beard black jacket

The trick with wearing black on black is making sure the blacks really go together. I cannot tell you how many shades of black there are, and a lot of them don’t look good together. I lucked out and my new black jeans look amazing with this black jacket.

To see if your blacks go together, try them on in multiple types of lighting, take a photo with and without flash, and see if you can tell if the blacks go together. In dim lighting, it’s usually totally fine, it’s mostly bright lights, daylight, or if photos are involved that you need to worry about it.

megbiram - veronica beard jacket

I feel like the tank often gets the shaft of attention when it comes to how important it is to so many looks. I’m constantly wearing tanks year round and am always on the hunt for them. Recently I found this beige tank and loved it so much I got it in black as well (and it’s only $25!).

wavy blonde hair - meg biram

I’m all for not wearing a bra when at all possible, but sometimes letting the ladies go free just isn’t appropriate (in my opinion). Places where I would personally feel uncomfortable knowing I was completely nipping out in a professional situation. So I wanted a few tanks that I could wear a bra with but weren’t super thick straps. Once I found this tank, I was like YESSSSS.

meg biram - black jacket

For this particular look I opted for a minimal look, but played it up a little with the jewelry — wearing the pearl ring I bought in Morocco, feather earrings, my mother’s ring, prescription sunglasses, my MB necklace, and tan suede heels. Also my lip oil is worth mentioning because it’s amazing!

meg biram - black jacket tan tank

The cool thing about this particular black jacket is that it’s made to be paired with a dickey if you so choose. What’s a dickey you ask (not super common in the US)? The form you might be familiar with is worn with a tux. It’s basically a false shirt. Veronica Beard is known for their selection of Dickey Jackets and dickey options. It’s a cool way to get a lot of different looks out of one jacket! Below I’m wearing the jacket with a lace dickey. It adds a nice layered look to an otherwise very classic outfit. I also love this sweater dickey — perfect for fall/winter.

meg biram - veronica beard jacket

black veronica beard jacket

Photos by Emma Weiss

Thanks to Veronica Beard for sending me this lovely jacket!