There’s Something About Riding A Bike

meg biram x brooklyn bike at rose garden

Do you ever get the overwhelming urge to do something? And you can’t stop thinking about it until you do it? Or maybe you feel that way about some sort of food (me with Shake Shack…).

Well besides food, I feel this way about creating art, biking, hiking, playing tennis, and playing the piano. For whatever reason, I cannot get these things out of my head and I just want to do them all the time.

meg biram x brooklyn bike at white bridge

I recently got a new, very chic, bike thanks to Brooklyn Bike Co. It’s the Roebling in matte black. I loooooove it. My other bike I bought off Craigslist 7 years ago and it was more of a mountain bike since we had forest trails near our house at the time. It was a piece, so I’m so glad to have this new slick bike to ride around my new neighborhood and on the Mount Vernon Trail.

riding a bike

Last weekend I took the bike out for its first real ride. I did 23 miles roundtrip to George Washington’s Mount Vernon (his home in Virginia) from my house. I’m lucky to live so close to the Mount Vernon Trail which is great for biking and walking the dog!

meg biram in black on brooklyn bike

This particular bike has 24 speeds, plenty for the minor inclines I do. I seriously don’t know how the professional bikers go so fast uphill. Their quads are insane.

bike shadow

I think I enjoy biking so much because you can go long distances in a relatively short amount of time. In DC biking is often the fastest way to get somewhere! Especially during rush hour!

I also love it because I love to be outside, breathing in fresh air. That simple thing alone makes me happy. Biking also works the parts of the body that I’m most concerned with working — quads and butt!

meg biram with kate spade bag and brooklyn bike

It’s finally starting to get a fall chill in the air, so I’m going to have to dress warm on my next few bike rides, but I had so much fun on my ride last week (23 miles took me 2 hours and 20 minutes). Some of that time I can’t control because of stop lights and such, so maybe I should start timing once I get to the actual trail and not the streets. I’m thinking out loud here…

white bridge at navy yard

Sometimes I think as you get older, the simple things become more enjoyable. A bike. Most of us grew up with one. I rode mine ALL THE TIME. That’s how you get around before you can drive! My friends and I would ride up to a snow cone stand in the summers. Now I just enjoy it to be outside and get a workout in.

black bike and silver shoes

I know I’ll never be a cyclist cyclist, I don’t have the desire to win races or anything, but it’d be fun to just DO a race and see how it feels.

meg biram riding bike at district winery

Are any of you cyclists? Give me all your tips!

riding a black bike from brooklyn bike co


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white modern bridge in navy yard dc

riding a black bike

meg biram at the rose garden with bike

meg biram riding bike in navy yard, dc

riding a black brooklyn bike co bike

walking with bike


Photos by Emma Weiss. These photos were taken at Navy Yard, not on the Mount Vernon Trail — don’t want you to be confused!

This bike was given to me by Brooklyn Bike Co. but this post was not sponsored.