18 Things to Watch on Netflix

18 Things to Watch on NetflixA still from The Best Offer

I’m going to assume if you have Netflix that you’ve watched House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, and that I don’t have to recommend those because, obviously. However, Netflix is known for its less than desirable search functionality, so in addition to all of my previous recommendations, I have a few more for you.

If you don’t have Netflix, I mean it’s like $8/month so if you watch more than two movies you would have otherwise rented each month, then it’s worth it, however, I’ve linked the titles to where you can find them if they are available places other than Netflix.



Hatfields & McCoys — When my husband put this on I thought, oh geez another Western. But I’ve actually never been disappointed an a Western, but for whatever reason that was my initial reaction. About ten minutes in I was hooked. It’s a 3-part series and each part is long, so this is perfect for watching over your holiday break.

The Best Offer — I had never heard of this movie but I loved it. It’s an Italian film that had mixed reviews (it’s in English, starring Geoffrey Rush) but I thought it was not only good, but aesthetically appealing. I also loved the way it was shot. It was set in Europe and is about high-end art and antique auctions, maybe that’s also why I liked it…

Making a Murderer — Ok, this was just released on December 18th and I’ve already watched all 10 episodes. First, it makes you never want to move to Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. It also makes you really question our justice system. Watch and decide for yourself. I’m eager to see how the documentary can potentially help or at least bring to light some things that weren’t done properly in either case.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present — This will not interest some people. As an artist and creative person I found it very interesting, even though I can admit that I don’t always “get” performance art. Even though I enjoyed it, I know this film won’t be for everyone.

Master of None — Aziz Ansari’s show. If you like Aziz, you’ll like it. It takes a few episodes to get into and get the feel for the characters. I liked it the more I watched. I think the first few episodes of any show can be a little rough (SATC anyone!?) but otherwise I was entertained, and I love the points that he and co-creator Alan Yang touch on, similar to Aziz’s stand-up.

People, Places, Things — I don’t know that I would have ever clicked on this, but my husband recognized the actor, so we watched it. I love movies that touch on real-life issues and make it feel real.

Woody Allen: A Documentary — If you like Woody’s films it’s interesting to learn how they all came about and his film-making process.

Side Effects — Another movie I’d never heard of, nor would I have necessarily clicked on, that my husband found and we watched it. I thought it was good and was surprised at the fairly stacked cast.

Tig — There’s sort of a process in which you have to watch Tig. You have to watch the documentary, then the the stand-up special, and then the second stand-up special.

The Big Lebowski — Oldie but goodie.

November Man — If you’re in the mood for a Pierce Brosnan thriller, this one didn’t get great reviews, but I was entertained. Maybe I just have low expectations for thrillers like this.

The Double — Another thriller with bad reviews, but again, I didn’t think it was bad. If I’m entertained, to me, it’s worth watching. Now would I say it was a great movie? No.

Serpico — This is an Al Pacino crime movie from the 70s. So if you like that sort of thing, this is one of them.

Happy — An interesting documentary on happiness.

The Art of the Steal — If you like art, this is interesting.

Marley — A documentary on Bob Marley. Made me realize I actually knew nothing about him until I watched this.

Salinger — I don’t know about you, but I find people who are reclusive, yet extremely creatively successful, to be very interesting. J.D. Salinger, author of The Catcher in the Rye, is one of those people.

The Green Prince — A documentary about Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who worked with the Israel’s intelligence agency Shin Bet from 1997 to 2007.

Do you have any recommendations for me?