Thoughts on Curating Fashion Roundups

Shopbop Sale Picks

Lately I haven’t been doing a lot of product roundups for many reasons. While I think there’s an art to curation, and I love seeing what other people pick out, I hate to be a shopping/sales blog. Nothing wrong with those — they are definitely useful! But I never wanted to be telling you guys shop shop shop sale sale sale all the time.

While I do think that part of my job here is to curate the sea of products out there for you, I don’t want you to feel like I’m ever pushing anything on you. I have a specific style, and if you like it, I can help you not spend all of your time wading through 20 pages of tan handbags to find the ones I think are the best. I love the process of designing products, and I love curating them, so I do it for myself too.

About a week ago I was on a long walk with a friend of mine from my CrossFit gym. She has great style but admittedly said she mostly shops from Barney’s because she didn’t know where else to shop and didn’t really know what type of clothes to buy for herself. She’s SUPER smart, like killer secret government job type smart, and that was when I realized how these types of posts do help people.

So we were talking about clothes while walking Hemingway all over DC and I was telling her how when most women buy clothes or pick out what they are going to wear, they are usually hiding the parts of their body they don’t like, and accentuating the parts they do. I know I do this every single day. There are certain styles of clothing that I LOVE but I don’t buy or wear because I know that I won’t wear them because I don’t like how they look on my body even though they look amazing on other people.

I asked her what types of clothes she likes, what styles/cuts that she feels good in, and when I got home I spent an hour combing through my favorite sites finding mostly dresses and other clothes I thought she would like the fit of (that I also liked the style/color/cut/pattern/etc. of). She told me that going through that list totally helped her shop in a different way now.

So while I can’t be your personal shopper as far as your particular body goes (although I think my book The Life Edit does a pretty stellar job of this) I do realize now that maybe my curated shopping posts do help some people shop. I mean, I personally always click on shopping roundups when I see them on the internet, so I don’t know why I felt bad/weird about posting them myself. I think that shopping/clothes/fashion is something that just comes natural to me and I forget that it doesn’t to everyone. Getting dressed is a part of daily life. Unless you live in a nudist colony, you have to wear clothes, so you have to shop for them.

That said, I know I frequently post expensive things because I can’t help it, I like them. But I, like I’m sure many of you, also love to not pay full price if I don’t have to! So, right now, one of my absolute favorite websites, Shopbop, is having a great sale on FULL PRICE ITEMS! I already took advantage of the sale because hello perfect time to get a few things for spring! So I’ll stop rambling and get to the goods. This is basically everything I’m loving and what to buy (or already own) myself from Shopbop.

The sale is one where the more you spend the more you save — 15% off $200+, 20% off $500+, and 25% off $800+ with code GOBIG17. But one thing to know is that you can absolutely return anything you don’t like. Shopbop is amazing with returns, and they make it super easy. Also it’s free shipping and free returns.

Happy shopping!











Items in photo: Levi’s 501 Shorts / Elizabeth & James Hair Pin / Marc Jacobs Sunglasses / Loeffler Randall Pouch


Photo by Meg Biram