Thoughts on the Camo Trend

Meg Biram in Quirk Hotel Courtyard

Oh camo. You’ve been around for centuries. First coming into fashion for military centuries ago. Then arriving into the fashion world in 1943 when Vogue published an article explaining what proper military camouflage was.

Apparently Andy Warhol was given credit for getting camo into the fashion world as we know it in it’s more modern form with his “Camouflage” prints (1987) which then supposedly inspired fashion designers to take the pattern and run with it. Although I feel camo jackets were a common garment during the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s in the “hippie era” before Warhol’s prints.

Camo Loft Jacket

For me, camouflage has always been in my fashion memory. I grew up mostly going to private Catholic schools, so I wasn’t too in tuned to fashion until high school. But I feel like camo has been a trend on and off ever since I can remember. And in the past 10 years I feel like it’s been acceptable to wear it pretty much anytime if you just own it.

Meg Biram in Camo Jacket from Loft at Quirk Hotel

I clearly remember buying camouflage items at multiple different periods of my life and never feeling strange about wearing them. Nowadays, I don’t care too much if something is trendy or not. I wear what I like.

Meg Biram in LOFT camo jacket and jeans and black bucket bag

I do think that the military-inspired trend happens almost every year in some form, but the camo print seems to go in and out. Sometime years it might have a more punk feeling, then a few years later it’s seen on luxury couture runways. Trends always go in cycles and come back around sooner or later.

Camo Jacket from Loft

I’ve personally always liked camouflage. I like the more classic camo prints like the one in the camo jacket I’m wearing in these photos. I like the neutral colors of classic camouflage and have always been a fan of “Army green” or “olive green”.

Meg Biram in LOFT camo jacket and jeans

Since I’m always cold, I always need a few jackets to choose from to go with different outfits, and having a camo jacket just gives me something to wear with an otherwise neutral or patternless outfit.

Meg Biram in Camo Jacket from Loft

When you are wearing a simple black or white top and jeans, you can throw a camo jacket on and it gives your simple look an edge. And sleeves if you are cold!

Meg Biram wearing LOFT camo jacket in Quirk Hotel Courtyard

I probably have some sort of camo jacket or print in my wardrobe at all times. I’ve had a vintage camo tee since I was a kid that I had to fight my brother for, but he stopped being able to fit in it, so I won indefinitely.

Camo Jacket from Loft

I feel like camo is a polarizing print — you either love it or don’t. You might be more inclined to wear it when it’s on trend, but wouldn’t necessarily get rid of it if it wasn’t currently the hot pattern.

Do you like camouflage? 

Meg Biram in Camo Jacket from Loft at Quirk Hotel, Richmond VA

I’ve always worn camo, I don’t care if it’s on trend, or in style at the time or not. It almost seems like a patriotic print to me.

Meg Biram wearing LOFT in Quirk Hotel Courtyard


My jacket, cami, and jeans are from LOFT!


Meg Biram in LOFT camo jacket and jeans

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