to & from gift guide — VALENTINE’S DAY issue is live!


Yipee! Our latest issue of to & from is now live! Katie & I have been hard at work since before the holidays to put this issue together. We felt like Valentine’s Day gets the shaft being so close to the holidays, and we thought it deserved its own issue — it is about the person you love and all. Valentine’s Day really doesn’t have to be overwhelming and hopefully to & from can help you if you are stumped for gift ideas — maybe send the link to a few of your guy friends that you know could use a little help in the “gift giving” category (or your partner… with a page number…).

In this issue we have a few new/fun things — a great Valentine playlist from the gals over at this is our jam (page 4 — listen to it as you thumb through the pages), a jewelry DIY from the DIY queen herself, Grace of Stripes & Sequins (page 28), 6 amazing promo codes for you to get an extra sweet deal on your Valentine’s Day gift (page 5), and an introduction to a new way of shopping — luvocracy (page 10). to & from has it’s own luvocracy that we will be continually adding amazing gifts to all year, and I have my own personal luvocracy that you can check out/shop from (you can join too if you want!).

The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur! Coming back from the holidays where I unintentionally took 12 days “off” then had to try to catch up from it (if I owe you an email I haven’t forgotten & am working on it!). So yes, I’m still catching up unfortunately, however taking a break from my computer while being back home with my family was definitely necessary, but now I think I need a real vacation! After launching MANIFESTO last week and to & from this week I’m exhausted — but I’m leaving for ALT (woohoo!) on Wednesday (yes, like in 2 days) and from there I go straight to the Las Vegas market! I’m hoping there will be an hour or so of pool time in Vegas (please be warm, please be warm).

P.S. If you bought an evolve tee from MANIFESTO they will ship the first week in February (promise to send them as soon as I get them!). I shipped everything I had in stock and reordered more the morning of the launch (yes they are still limited edition). I thought the word evolve might strike a chord and I believe it did.

Keep evolving ladies! Thanks for all of your support!