Top 50 Picks from the Nordstrom Sale

So I actually went to Nordstrom today (I almost exclusively shop online). I’ve lived in DC for 7 years and have literally never been in the Nordstrom here. I checked out what the sale was like in person, and while I do like to see the quality of items I just prefer to try things on at my house so I can see how they go with other pieces in my wardrobe. Also, the Nordstrom I went to at least, was a little picked over.

Also, I find it much easier to find what I want online, not going between three floors and carrying things around with me. I love that Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns, so it makes shopping online with them SO EASY! Off soapbox.

Today I’ve rounded up my Top 50 Favorite Items that are still available as of this post going live — just click on the item above to shop it. And now, the public can finally shop the sale (until now it’s only been Nordstrom card holders)! Sale ends on August 6!

There are a few items I want to point out:

This jacket is literally my favorite item from the entire sale.

These black jeans fit LIKE A GLOVE and I love the hem at the bottom.

I felt this sweatshirt and shorts in person and they are the softest EVER.

Clearly I love this tank — see this post.

This bag is actually really roomy and is perfect for everyday or travel. The strap is thick so it won’t cut into your shoulder.

I have these heels and they are super comfy, and they also come in black and blush.

This is some of the only lip balm that has SPF and actually stays on your lips for a long time.

This basket is the most clicked on item from my sale posts so far (fun fact).

The collar comes off this leather jacket so it’s like a two-for-one!

I mean this kimono, obviously I love it — see this post.

These eyeshadow colors are gorgeous — I tested them out on my hand yesterday.

This is literally my favorite perfume.

I tried these slides on and they are really comfy, might have to get them myself.

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