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You may have seen my instagram about this (where you typically get all my sneak peeks first!), but I’m so excited finally be able to share that I’m heading to China for a week (leaving this weekend)! I’m partnering with Cathay Pacific airlines and The Peninsula hotels to check out Hong Kong and Shanghai (hello trip of a lifetime!).

I am part of a 3-blogger group heading to Hong Kong, and then onto other destinations in Asia. Matt of Landlopers and Rachelle of The Travel Bite are enjoying their travels right now! Matt went from Hong Kong to Cambodia, and Rachelle to Hong Kong and Yangon (Burma/Myanmar). You can see all of our tweets/instagrams from all three of our travels with the hashtag #CXploreAsia on instagram and twitter.

Follow me on Instagram @megbiram, Twitter @megbiram and Facebook for travel pics while I’m gone (June 8-14). And I’ll have full posts and reviews (and possibly videos!) right here after the trip.


Well, I’ve never been to Asia. Anywhere in Asia. So I’ve been reading up on travel blogs and watching YouTube videos about long flights, Hong Kong and Shanghai. My flight on Cathay Pacific is direct from New York to Hong Kong — which is awesome — but it’s also 15 hours in the air. So I’ve been researching what to take on the flight, what to do, when to sleep, whether or not a glass of wine is a good idea or not, etc.

If you’re a travel buff, please enlighten me on your tips & experiences for really long flights. I’ve done 8-hours flights, but 15 hours is another level.

What do you take with you? What do you do on the flight? I’ve got some plans — sleep, drink water, eat, watch movies, drink water, work, walk around, drink water, read books & magazines, drink water…


When I arrive in Hong Kong it will be early morning. The first day, I’ve got some rest time planned in case I have major jet lag, then I’m off to tea at my hotel — The Peninsula. I’ve heard that this is quite the experience, so I’m really looking forward to it. Then I’ll be getting a massage and a facial at the spa. That should take care of any jet lag! I’m pretty darn excited about two hours of pampering! The next day I’ll be learning how to make dim sum and taking in the sights of Hong Kong before I leave for Shanghai.

Have you been to Hong Kong? What should I go see/do/eat/shop while I’m there?


I’ve heard that Shanghai is the New York and Paris of Asia. The fashion capital. I think I’ll feel right at home!

In Shanghai I’ll be having drinks at Sir Elly’s, having afternoon tea on The Peninsula‘s private yacht (pretty sick), taking a walking tour with a private guide around the city (I want your suggestions for this!), taking a river cruise at night to see the city lights, visiting designer Lu Kun’s studio, and more.

I definitely want all of your suggestions of where I should eat/shop/do while in Shanghai! What do you recommend?



Photo by Yvonne Rock, silver and tan passport holders available in my shop.

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