view of hong kong from the peak

After a very good night’s sleep, on my second day in Hong Kong I had breakfast in my room at The Peninsula (mmm French Toast…) while I did some work (this was a work trip after all!). Then I was off to my first event of the day, making dim sum!

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dim sum

After I filled my belly with french toast, I was off to make dim sum with Chef Li at The Peninsula’s authentic Cantonese restaurant Spring Moon. I’ve never eaten dim sum, but wasn’t too afraid of it. If you are new around here, I am unfortunately a super picky eater, like annoying level, so the one thing that stinks as far as traveling goes, is that I don’t enjoy new foods the same way most normal people do. People keep asking me, how was the food!!?? And unfortunately I am just not that adventurous about it due to my picky nature.

So, there I was in the kitchen, attempting to do the tiny folds with the dim sum dough. I’d say maybe one or two of the folds out of the 14 I made turned out presentable! We cooked them all anyway and then had a dim sum feast in the kitchen. The Peninsula makes 1,000 dim sum A DAY. Considering they do it by hand, that’s a lot.




ceramic cloud toilet paper cover

After attempting to make dim sum, I was headed to a hip new place in Hong Kong — the PMQ. The PMQ is an old building that used to be the marriage quarters for the Hong Kong Police. After a new building was built as the marriage quarters, the PMQ building stood vacant as the government figured out what to do with it. Luckily it went to the arts, and has been turned into a hub for creatives in Hong Kong. Studios, retails spaces, offices, galleries — the space is overflowing with design, ideas, and energy.

I ended up walking by this studio, Glue Associates, and saw three ceramic clouds on the wall. I had to go in to investigate. They were ceramic toilet paper covers with rain toilet paper! Genius! I ended up bringing the white cloud home to put in the studio bathroom.

I also got to meet Elizabeth of The Refinery, Debbie Leung, and the gals at Loom Loop.




temple on hollywood blvd in hong kong

After walking around and visiting with several people at the PMQ I wanted to walk around the Hollywood Blvd. area. It’s full of cafes, wine bars, and shops. On my next Hong Kong trip, I’d love to do this with another person. As much as I’m fine traveling around by myself, I just prefer cafe hopping and wine bar lounging with other people.

There are some really cool places that had I had lots of time I would have loved to spend time in, but simply slowly walking by and taking in the vibe was enough for me on this trip.

Right on Hollywood Blvd. there is an old temple, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city and the giant buildings. I walked in and the rays of sunlight were perfectly coming in.




hong kong skyline from the peak

After the Temple, I hailed a cab to the tram that would take me up to The Peak so I could take in that famous view of the city. I would have loved to have hiked it versus taking the tram, but time didn’t allow. Plus it was like a million humid degrees outside.

If you ever go to Hong Kong, you MUST go up to The Peak for the view. And I would actually recommend going up in the afternoon, so you can eat dinner there, and then watch the sunset, and see it also at night. That would be the perfect peak experience. The view is amazing. Amazing amazing. It was a bit of a foggy day so it’s not a clear view from my photos, but it was still beautiful and breathtaking.


old couple at the peak hong kong

Up at The Peak there are a bunch of restaurants, from fast food to fine dining. I was grabbing a bite to eat with the view of the other side from the peak, the non-Hong Kong side (less people). It was also stunning. It was a hazy view of green mountains and the water full of ships. Not the giant skyline you see on the other side. Very calm and peaceful. While I was eating some french fries (yep) I was observing this adorable older couple reading the paper. A pretty nice view to read the paper each day!




room service at the peninsula hong kong

That evening I was wiped out, and I had an early car (the Rolls again) to head to the airport to catch my quick Cathay Pacific flight to Shanghai. So instead of eating alone at a restaurant, I chose to rest, get some work done, take a bath in the deep tub, order room service, and enjoy the amazing view from my room. I mean look at that view…




pool at the peninsula hong kong

So after two very short days in Hong Kong, I was jetting off to Shanghai, but know that I will be back sometime. There are many things I’d love to experience next time I’m in Hong Kong. I’m sure there are many things I don’t even know of, but a few come to mind:

Shopping, shopping, shopping. I’d want a local to take me around to the best places. And lazy cafe sitting and people watching.

Restaurant hopping with a local who knows all the places that would be hard to find, even in a good internet search.

Hike to Tian Tan. It is a giant bronze Buddha, one of the five large Buddha statues in China. Speaking of the Tian Tan, I missed the Pandas being there and at the PMQ, by one day… devastation.

Instead of taking the tram up to The Peak, I’d like to hike it.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to do in Hong Kong I don’t know about that I’d add to this list for next time.


Have you been? What did you do that you recommend?



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