fruit and vegetables

This weekend I was talking to a friend about food when she said she’d done the Whole30 before and wanted to do it again. She said it was a lot of planning, but the second two weeks she had a crazy amount of energy and felt great.

I’ve never been one to limit myself so strictly with food because I’m so picky about food (which totally sucks as an adult) that I’m afraid it’d be too hard to find enough things for me to eat that I actually like. Literally when I look at a list of Whole30 (or paleo) recipes maybe two out of ten look appetizing to me. I also think the idea of limitation when it comes to food, just makes me think of what I can’t eat, as opposed to what I can/should eat.

I prefer the approach of everything in moderation but summer always gets me. There is no moderation when it comes to ice cream and drinks on a patio in the warm sun. I haven’t been feeling my best lately (ahem, drinks on patios, carbs and ice cream) and do think that I could benefit greatly from a strict no carb, no sugar, no alcohol type of thing, but since I don’t like most veggies in their main form (juiced or in a smoothie works), I’m not a huge fan of meat, and I don’t love cooking/preparing food, it’s very hard for me to do these types of strict eating plans. The thought of eating mostly meat and veggies for every meal is like telling someone to do the two things they hate the most.

Overall I’m a pretty healthy eater. I don’t keep much processed foods in the house. We have a produce delivery from From the Farmer each week ensuring that we have lots of fruits and veggies to meal plan around. But I’ve let things go a little lately (i.e. been eating lots of carbs, ice cream and drinking) and I need to get back to my more typical healthy eating. Once you hit 30 you can just feel the food in your body, and what you eat really changes how you feel. Luckily I don’t have any actual food/stomach issues (besides extreme pickiness) but I feel sluggish and not my best, and would just prefer to feel better and have more energy.

So since going as extreme as a Whole30 isn’t really something that appeals to me, I decided I needed to come up with a bit of a plan to reset for fall. Here’s my plan for better eating:

1. Replace my broken blender. Currently can’t make any smoothies or soups! I’m thinking of going with the Ninja Blender. What do you recommend?

2. Drink fruit/veggie smoothie every day.

3. Get a spiralizer so I can make “noodles” out of veggies. Does anyone have one of these they love?

4. Plan meals every week. This always makes my week go more smoothly.

5. Get back to drinking a green juice every day (been a little less frequent lately).

6. Eat breakfast. Usually I head out the door only having had a half a cup of coffee. I’m a creature of habit in the mornings and I think the best solution for me is to just eat a banana or a smoothie every morning. My most common breakfast is toast, but it’s not very filling, and it’d probably be best for me to change that habit up.

7. Look up and pin a ton of healthy recipes to easily reference when meal plannin. Will be pinning Healthy Recipes and Healthy Sweets & Treats on my Pinterest. The word “healthy” is open to interpretation and is a much-debated subject, but I’ll be pinning what I deem as a pretty healthy option.

8. Get a mandoline for easy veggie slicing. Do you have one? What do you use it for?


To be completely honest with you, I don’t think there’s any way I could stick to doing a Whole30. Days where I eat meat for lunch and dinner I just feel heavy so I can’t imagine eating meat multiple times a day for 30 days.

Personally I just want to try to eat less carbs, less cheese, and less sweets. Sounds a bit depressing…but instead of taking them out of my diet completely, I just need eat less of them and eat more vegetables.

Have you done Whole30? Tell me about your experience! Also, if you have any favorite healthy blogs/websites, leave a link in the comments!


Photo by Meg Biram, produce from From the Farmer