Uber Changed Everything

Sneak Peek at my new mural in partnership with Uber!

Meg Biram - Coconut Club Mural - Washington DC

Didn’t it though?

I got an iMessage from my mom when she was in Portugal earlier this year, she said she downloaded the Uber app and used it and said wasn’t she so young and hip (LOL emoji)! I was pretty impressed with her actually. And just the fact that you can go all over the world and use the same app to get you from A to B, and that it’s so easy my mom can use it, in Portugal. Just insane.

The launch of Uber in DC was about the same time my husband and I moved here eight years ago, and since we decided to only have one car for the both of us for many reasons, Uber has been a vital part of our transportation methods while living here, and also when we travel.

Uber and the plethora of public transit DC has to offer has made only having one car not a problem for us. Even though DC has a lot of public transit, it doesn’t go to every neighborhood — not even close. That’s where Uber comes in because it does always get you from A to B. Not having to plan out and think in advance about transportation because you know you can always use Uber is such stress reliever for me and for many others I’m sure.

painting mural detail shot - meg biram

I just finished painting a mural in a new restaurant an area of DC that isn’t directly on a Metro stop. It’s also not the safest of neighborhoods at night (right now but I’m sure it will get better with time) and getting to the area requires a car of some sort. You can walk or bike at your own risk, as a girl I definitely wouldn’t do so in the dark. So for me there’s only two options getting to and from this mural project — my own car or take an Uber ride. I used both.

When you drive around DC it’s a lot more than just driving. Mostly you have to think about how long it’s going to take you to get anywhere with traffic, what’s the best route to get there, and then will you be able to find parking and how much will that parking cost? Usually taking an Uber car is a good option because parking gets really expensive and time consuming. I’ve looked for parking for up to 30 minutes before, it’s really frustrating. Plus parking in DC is not cheap, and using an Uber car is often more economical since they offer the UberX and Uber Pool options now.

I actually know people that take an Uber ride to get to work every single day because it’s so affordable — isn’t that nuts!?

Meg getting in Uber

Meg in Uber

But back to my mural. Not only did I take an Uber ride to my project location (it was so nice to not be clenching my jaw while driving in DC traffic and just relaxing while someone else drove. I could catch up on emails, scroll through Instagram, or just let my mind space out.

Meg getting out of Uber

Getting Uber for Assistant

Doing a 46′ x 16′ mural is no joke, so I had a little help. I sent an Uber pick up my assistant and bring her to my project location once I was ready for her.

Uber notification

Now you can send a car for someone else in the Uber app by using the new Request for a Guest feature. Put their name in as the contact and then they will get notifications on their phone that have to do with their Uber ride. How easy is that!?!

Getting in Uber

Assistant getting out of Uber

Meg Biram with Assistant

So let’s chat about this mural. Have you seen my coverage of it on my Instagram? You can see the entire process in my Coconut Club Instagram Stories Highlights, and in an episode on my IGTV. I’ll have an entire post dedicated to all the details about the mural specifically, but this post is a sneak peek!

meg biram painting mural with assistant

Over the course of a few months that I’ve been working on this project from start to finish, I’ve gotten to know the chef Adam Greenberg. When I was checking out the location in person, we chatted about my potential collaboration with Uber for this project and he said something that made this collaboration even more perfect. He said he would have never opened a restaurant in this specific location if Uber didn’t exist. And while that seems so obvious, it’s like — this one app has changed all of our lives so much — do we even realize how much of a difference it’s made? The fact that eight years ago Adam would have never considered that location for a restaurant, but now he knows it will be fine, that’s just crazy.

A lot of people in DC don’t even have cars or prefer not to drive them, so when opening a restaurant, the location used to be more important than it is now. Now that we have Uber, you can actually open up a restaurant that isn’t right in the heart of DC or right off the Metro line because now with Uber, people can get there easily.

I’m sure I don’t need to convince you all the ways Uber is amazing, but I just love all of the different things they have added to the service in addition to just getting you from A to B. Now you can split your ride with another person, now you can get an Uber ride with a carseat if you have kids, and in my case with the mural project — send an Uber to pick up your assistant in addition to taking you to and from the job site. Uber has taken the transportation burden off a lot of people in so many ways.

Coconut Club Mural Washington DC - Meg Biram

Stay tuned for more mural coverage! Once Coconut Club is open I hope you’ll visit if you are in the DC area and snap a pic with my mural!


Photos by Luke Wright for MegBiram.com

This post was sponsored by Uber. All opinions are my own.