how to make your morning easier

I’ve already given you the low down on my personal morning routine, but I want to point out a few things that usually make my mornings go so much easier.

I also wanted to emphasize that I created my job, and the industry I’m in is crazy. I don’t just get a paycheck every two weeks — I have to create it! Sure, my job has it’s glamorous moments, but trust me, there are way more unglamourous moments! Watch my snapchat — you’ll see! (user: megbiram)

But I chose my lifestyle because that’s how I want to live. It has it’s ups and downs just like any job does. I work every single time I’m on “vacation.” I never “leave my work at the office” — I still work almost every night when I get home (for several hours). I choose this, I want it, I’m not complaining — just being real.

I work way more now than I did when I had a full-time job at a corporate company where I never worked more than 40 hours a week. But now I can also schedule my day around things that stress me out, so that I can try to have less stress in my life. And I prefer not to rush around in the morning, so I try to plan my days and create a morning routine that allows me to be less stressed on a daily basis.

I think everyone can adjust their life to make it less stressful if they want to. We all choose what we do. We choose to have a certain job. If you don’t like your job, you can choose to start looking for another one, or you can choose to start your own business (I did, it wasn’t easy, but I embraced the suck and did it), or you can choose to keep your job and keep not liking it. We choose to get up at a certain time in the morning. If you feel rushed every day, maybe you need to get up earlier, or figure out what you can do the night before to make your morning go more smoothly. People choose to have kids (or do the things that result in having kids even if they weren’t exactly planning on having them). It’s all our choice. Even the things and time we sacrifice for others (and the situations those sacrifices put us in) are our choice to sacrifice.

At the same time, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Your kid/parent/partner gets sick. Your dog has an accident. Your alarm (for whatever strange reason) doesn’t go off. Or heck, you’re just tired, don’t have everything together, and you’re running late (I think we’ve all felt this way!). But, the more you try to create new routines that help you, the easier those routines become every day life, and the less stressful that every day life can be.

So, if you want less stress in the mornings, here are a few of the things that I try to do that help me achieve that:

1 // Get in bed 30-60 minutes before you actually want to go to sleep.

That way you might actually go to sleep when you want to. I like to read in bed so it makes it much easier to fall asleep at a time where I can get eight hours each night. However, I also frequently have insomnia and am up way too late even if I’m in bed! But if I get in, there’s a much better chance I’ll go to sleep earlier than if I’m sitting on my couch.

2 // Don’t plan anything in the early morning if possible.

No calls, no meetings, nothing that requires you to rush to. I know it’s not always possible. I’m at the mercy of other people’s schedules and the weather for photo shoots, but I like to use this morning time to get as much done as I can, cross things off my to-do list, and get everything together for what I’m doing that afternoon. It really makes the mornings a lot less stressful when I’m not rushing around. I also try to not plan things on Mondays.

3 // Set out anything you need to take with you that day the night before.

Nothing like looking for your keys for 15 minutes while trying to run out the door. Or frantically trying to remember that thing you were supposed to bring into the office with you — and find it. I do this especially for photo shoot days when I usually need to bring clothes and props with me — if I set them all out the night before, I don’t have to run around gathering them in the morning.

4 // Always have a grab-and-go breakfast on hand.

I mentioned in this post that if I don’t eat something before I bike to work I arrive to my office starving and barely functioning. This is where something you can eat easily or something you can throw in your bag on your way out the door comes in handy. Organic Valley’s Balance Protein Shakes are perfect for this, and they have 16 grams of protein. Good idea to keep a few in the fridge for any morning you need to grab breakfast on your way out the door! Chug it in the car, on your commute, or in your office!

5 // Do what you hate doing first.

Let me explain — I hate “getting ready.” Mostly I hate doing my hair and makeup. So on days where I need to get out the door a little earlier than normal and I need to be photo ready, I try to hop in the shower first thing, and get a quick start on my hair and makeup before I do anything else. Otherwise I’ll get into my email and put off getting into the shower until the last minute and then be rushing around trying to get ready and my morning routine goes out the window — which probably happens to me once a week!

6 // Think about your outfit the night before.

We’ve all done it — change our outfit five times before we land on something we like. Then we leave our room in a chaotic heap of clothing and we’re running late. If you figure out what you’re wearing the next day on the night before, maybe even set it out, or put it at the front of your closet (yes like we did in grade school!) then that stress and time is nonexistent in the morning. You could also think about what you might wear that day while in the shower or while drying your hair in the morning to save some time if you didn’t figure it out the night before.

7 // Look up the weather in advance.

Have you ever walked outside in the morning and it’s raining so you have to turn around and go back inside to find your umbrella and rain boots? Look up the weather, know what you will need for your day, and find it the night before. I’m super temperature sensitive, so I’m always looking up the weather on my phone and planning my layers & weather-related accessories when I get dressed anyway.


Do you do anything that helps make your morning a little easier? Tell me — I want to know!



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