WEEK IN REVIEW // 4.28.12

This week I attended a media preview for the 1,000th store opening of TJMaxx, which happens to be in the heart of DC. I have a soft spot for TJMaxx for two reasons, one is because it was my very first real job. Secondly, I lived in Springfield, Missouri, (oh ya, home of Brad Pitt!), during my TJMaxx days and as you could probably imagine Springfield isn’t known for its shopping, but TJMaxx would actually get some designer goods that you couldn’t find anywhere else in Springfield, and I got the first look at them.

I’m all about designer fashion goods, and I highly respect designers and the prices they charge for their quality items, BUT if I do find exactly what I want (without the garage sale effect — as in you buy something only because it’s the coolest thing you found during that trip, but when you get home you realize you don’t really like it that much) at a cheaper price, that’s a no-brainer to me.

This particular TJMaxx was stocked with amazing designer goods. I was drooling a little over these DVF wedges (above), and the ikat dress (below) that was in the runway section. There were many other items like Paige jeans and Prada bags all for up to 60% off. It was probably good that they weren’t letting any of us bloggers/media people purchase at the event because it could have been scary for my wallet. However, even though I don’t believe in hell if there was one it would be staring at a bunch of amazing designer goods at almost half price in an empty store, but not being able to shop. FYI TJMaxx, next opening, serve alcohol, invite more fashion bloggers, and let us shop. Just sayin’.

A few goodies I received in the mail this week. I feel disappointed if there isn’t a magazine in the mail. Makes me wonder why I even went to get the mail that day. Sometimes I let it build up for a few days so there’s a better chance that there is a magazine in there. I also received these awesome chevron earrings from Kris Nations. I love how light and versatile they are. I’ve already worn them twice in one week.

Obviously loving this spiked black clutch (did you notice it in my Weekly Faves yesterday?).

I stumbled into a flower shop on a walk one day (I wasn’t exactly lost, just off course a little). White hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers.

This Mara Hoffman skirt at WINK was reeeeally tempting me. I was able to resist… for now.

I’m no botanist, my thumbs are practically black, but I found it odd that there is bamboo growing right up the street from me. Is this normal?

On Thursday my friend Lara had a little get-together to celebrate her blog‘s 3rd Anniversary. She had cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, which I must say, were absolutely delicious. I’m just going to put this out there… Mini-cupcakes are under-rated. You can just pop them in your mouth, no mess, etc. Perfect for parties. I can never eat a normal-sized cupcake without some sort of mess. // I received this folding clutch from Stephanie Johnson. I think it will be the perfect solution for traveling with chunky jewelry.

I spent some time “coveteuring” my shoes for my little online shop for all of my gently used items. I sent out the first set of shipments, and will be adding a few more pieces this week to Second Life. Must say there are some goodies left. A few dresses that are amazing for summer.

Hope you all had a great week!

Earrings c/o Kris Nations / Folding clutch c/o Stephanie Johnson